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Washington Wild Things - Transactions


11/06/17 Fidanza, John traded to Evansville Otters for a player to be named later
09/01/17 Peoples-Walls, Kenny suspended
08/30/17 Stanton, Cameron placed on disabled list (minimum 14 days)
08/30/17 OKeefe, Brian activated
08/14/17 Garkow, Tyler signed
08/11/17 Trimarco, Frank signed
08/10/17 Bixler, Brandon released
08/02/17 OKeefe, Brian placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/27/17 Gibbons, Ethan signed
07/27/17 Gibbons, Ethan claimed off waivers from Southern Illinois
07/27/17 Condra-Bogan, Jacob signed
07/27/17 Ravert, Joe released
07/10/17 Smyth, Mark Retired
07/10/17 Fernandez, Alexander released
07/08/17 Harris, James signed
07/05/17 Ravert, Joe activated
07/02/17 Tillery, Zack released
06/30/17 Tillery, Zack signed
06/30/17 Bixler, Brandon signed
06/30/17 Bixler, Brandon activated
06/29/17 Apicella, Vince Retired
06/29/17 Sabel, Matt released
06/18/17 Sabol, Stefan released
06/18/17 Schwartz, Jordan released
06/18/17 Bradley, Trevor signed
06/17/17 Stanton, Cameron signed
06/15/17 Bohn, Justin signed
06/14/17 Belicek, Trevor released
06/14/17 Ravert, Joe placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
06/03/17 Williams, Hunter released
06/03/17 Apicella, Vince activated
05/26/17 Sabol, Stefan activated
05/26/17 Conrad, Jace Retired
05/08/17 Fraudin, Matt Retired