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Traverse City Beach Bums - Transactions


08/16/10 Blackwell, Eric signed
08/16/10 Eveland, Kyle placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/16/10 Folmer, Richard placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/10/10 Miller, Brad acquired in trade from outside league St. Paul Saints (Northern)
08/03/10 Banes, Bryan signed
07/29/10 Spain, Bobby released
07/28/10 Runnels, Jonathan released
07/18/10 Johnson, Tommy released
07/18/10 Roque, Ulysses released
07/16/10 Parigi, Joey released
07/16/10 Bertucci, Tony released
07/16/10 Runnels, Jonathan signed
07/07/10 Parigi, Joey signed
07/03/10 Engell, Chris signed
06/29/10 Bertucci, Tony signed
06/28/10 Gardner, Bryan released
06/27/10 Roque, Ulysses signed
06/27/10 Adams, Jack released
06/23/10 Paulauskas, Andrew released
06/03/10 Marshall, Andrew signed