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Shreveport-Bossier - Transactions


09/29/11 Carrasco, Hector acquired in trade from outside league Bridgeport (Atlantic League)
09/19/11 Rodriguez , Osvaldo traded to El Paso
09/01/11 Carrasco, Hector traded to outside league Bridgeport (Atlantic League)
08/22/11 Thomas, Scott released
08/07/11 Flores, Pedro released
08/07/11 Diffie, Michael released
08/05/11 McCarter, Jake traded to El Paso
08/05/11 Marquez , Uriak traded to El Paso
08/05/11 Kaminsky, Alex acquired in trade from El Paso
08/05/11 Gabriel, Chad acquired in trade from El Paso
08/01/11 Kent, Steve released
08/01/11 Kirsten, Joel released
07/21/11 Frichter, Bryan released
07/18/11 Kuhn, Andrew released
07/15/11 Salazar, Richard released
06/24/11 Railsback, Cody released
06/18/11 Young , Justin released
06/07/11 Gathright, Joey released
06/03/11 Forrest, T.J. released
06/01/11 McHenry, Danial released
05/31/11 Hulett, Jeff released
05/19/11 Shivers, Ben released
05/10/11 Railsback, Cody placed on inactive list
05/10/11 Fernandez, Jason placed on inactive list
04/28/11 Kelley, Cody released
04/21/11 Prihoda, Luke released
04/21/11 Wilson , Glenn released
04/21/11 Carrasco, Hector released
04/19/11 Fernandez, Jason acquired in trade from Fort Worth
03/07/11 Rosario , Jovanny released