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St Paul Saints - Transactions


10/26/12 Ruwe, Kyle traded to Sioux Falls Pheasants
10/12/12 Severtson, Bret released
10/12/12 Sinclair, Taylor released
09/25/12 Durham, Miles released
09/24/12 Krause, Jake released
09/24/12 Townsend, Jon released
09/24/12 Townsend, Tanner released
09/21/12 Sheldon , Ole released
09/20/12 Garabedian, Alex released
09/05/12 Hurst, Jon traded to outside league San Rafael
09/05/12 Hurst, Jon traded to outside league San Rafael
09/05/12 Gump, Brian traded to outside league San Rafael
08/30/12 Hurst, Kyle released
08/18/12 Mehlich, Mikey acquired in trade from Kansas City T-Bones
08/12/12 Johnson, Benji released
07/28/12 Costa, Shane released
07/23/12 Rolon, Alberto traded to Lincoln Saltdogs
07/19/12 Spottiswood, Billy traded to Winnipeg Goldeyes
07/15/12 Spiers, Joe acquired in trade from Lincoln Saltdogs for Alberto Rolon
06/26/12 Wink, T.J. released
06/21/12 Kincaid, Ben released
06/21/12 Spottiswood, Billy released
06/13/12 Cephas, Josh released
06/11/12 Rolon, Alberto placed on disabled list Retroactive to 6/9
06/11/12 Klabunde, Dustin signed
06/06/12 Claggett, Anthony signed
06/05/12 Roemer, Wes sold to Los Angeles Dodgers
06/02/12 Gutierrez, Danny activated
05/29/12 Sattler, Dan sold to Minnesota Twins
05/27/12 Gutierrez, Danny placed on disabled list
05/17/12 Cephas, Josh signed
05/15/12 DiPetta, Don released
05/15/12 Cates, Chris released
05/14/12 Foster , Kyle released
04/12/12 Schuld, Matt released
03/22/12 Schmidt , Jacob released
03/22/12 Brandt, Donald released
02/24/12 Smith, Sean M. traded to outside league Bridgeport (Atlantic League)
01/13/12 Mathison, Todd released
11/23/11 Cooper , Jason released