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Calgary Vipers - Transactions


08/12/10 Naegele, Rob signed
08/12/10 Michael, Mark placed on inactive list
08/10/10 Mansfield, Monte signed
08/09/10 Watson, Scott placed on inactive list
08/06/10 Suzuki, Mac signed
08/04/10 Stickel, Brant placed on inactive list
08/02/10 Sergent, Joe released
07/26/10 Lopresti, James released
07/21/10 Muir, Jordan signed
07/21/10 Martinez, Anastacio released
07/10/10 Cronin, Shane released
07/08/10 McKenzie, Marcus released
07/03/10 Cronin, Shane acquired in trade from Victoria Seals
07/03/10 Edgecombe, Matt traded to Victoria Seals
07/02/10 Miniel, Rene suspended
06/30/10 Chaffardet, Daniel released
06/25/10 Fasking, Berek released
06/25/10 Stickel, Brant placed on inactive list
06/17/10 Broughton, Jay sold to
06/17/10 Buller, Daniel released
06/13/10 Iboa, Junior released
06/13/10 Sergent, Joe activated
06/12/10 Oliver, Brian released
06/08/10 Iboa, Junior activated
06/06/10 Sergent, Joe placed on inactive list
06/02/10 Martinez, Anastacio activated
06/01/10 DeMott, Andrew released
05/31/10 Rothford, Chad released
05/31/10 Parker, David released
05/31/10 Watkins, David released
05/27/10 Nova, Geraldo released
05/22/10 Martinez, Anastacio placed on inactive list
05/21/10 Nova, Geraldo placed on inactive list
05/19/10 Parker, David placed on inactive list
05/19/10 Iboa, Junior placed on inactive list
05/19/10 Watkins, David placed on inactive list
05/19/10 Michael, Mark released
05/19/10 Scurry, Rod released