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Bridgeport Bluefish - Transactions


09/09/13 Butler, Josh released
08/26/13 Suarez, Iggy placed on inactive list
08/22/13 Jones, Rusty activated
08/22/13 Fulchino, Jeff placed on inactive list (retired)
08/20/13 Rogers, Eddie signed
08/17/13 Mayora, Daniel placed on inactive list
08/15/13 Martinez, Juan activated
08/13/13 Martinez, Miguel traded to Camden Riversharks for (2) players to be named
07/27/13 McCurry, Cole signed
07/27/13 Bilodeau, Keith reinstated to active list
07/27/13 Hinshaw, Alex released
07/18/13 Diaz, Victor released
07/15/13 English, Jesse signed
07/07/13 Villa, Kelvin sold to Quintana Roo (Mexican League)
07/04/13 Lugo, Ruddy signed
07/04/13 Texeira, Kanekoa sold to Cincinnati Reds (Triple-A)
06/23/13 Fruto, Emiliano signed
06/23/13 Bateman, Joe signed
06/23/13 Ahearne, Pat activated
06/23/13 Penn, Hayden placed on inactive list
06/22/13 Hinshaw, Alex signed
06/22/13 Minix, Travis released
06/10/13 Harris, TyRelle sold to CPBL (Tawain)
06/08/13 Villa, Kelvin signed
06/07/13 Diaz, Victor signed
06/07/13 Spencer, Matt released
06/07/13 Jannis, Mickey traded to outside league Lake Erie (Frontier League)
06/06/13 Simmons, James L. signed
06/06/13 Mitchell, Russ released
06/06/13 Colla, Michael sold to Tampa Bay Rays (Double-A)
05/31/13 Martinez, Miguel signed
05/31/13 Greenberg, Adam placed on inactive list
05/31/13 Carr, Adam placed on inactive list
05/29/13 Smith, Stantrel signed
05/29/13 Derbacher, Karl released
05/28/13 Chaves, Brandon reinstated to active list
05/28/13 Greenberg, Sam released
05/25/13 Derbacher, Karl signed
05/25/13 Bilodeau, Keith placed on inactive list
05/22/13 Fulchino, Jeff reinstated to active list
05/15/13 Roberts, Jordan placed on inactive list
05/13/13 Barbero, Daniel released
05/12/13 Rodriguez, Edward released
05/12/13 Schmidt, Josh released
05/11/13 Suarez, Iggy signed
05/11/13 Greenberg, Sam released
05/09/13 Derbacher, Karl released
05/08/13 Greenberg, Sam signed
05/08/13 Chaves, Brandon placed on inactive list
05/07/13 Derbacher, Karl signed
05/07/13 Abreu, Winston signed
05/07/13 Fulchino, Jeff placed on inactive list
04/29/13 Starling, Wardell placed on inactive list
04/27/13 Schmidt, Josh signed
04/26/13 Gomez, Alexis reinstated to active list
04/26/13 DeLome, Collin placed on inactive list
04/23/13 Harris, TyRelle signed
04/18/13 Gomez, Alexis placed on inactive list
04/18/13 Boyer, Brad traded to outside league St. Paul Saints (AMAS)
04/16/13 Munoz, Arnaldo released
04/14/13 Boyer, Brad placed on inactive list
04/14/13 Anderson, Brian placed on inactive list