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Bourne Braves - Transactions


08/03/11 Coats, Jason released
08/01/11 Alvord, Zach released
08/01/11 Lebel, Mike signed
07/24/11 Norris, Logan signed RHP LSU-Shreveport
07/24/11 Collier, Thomas released
07/17/11 Reine, Cody signed OF Oklahoma
07/13/11 Stanek, Ryne signed RHP Arkansas
07/11/11 Wright, Zach signed C East Carolina
07/03/11 Collier, Thomas signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Cantwell, Patrick signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Pickering, Chris signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Melotakis, Mason signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Brandt, Kevin signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Brady, Kevin released
07/02/11 Jolin, Will released
07/02/11 Maddox, Austin released
07/02/11 Collier, Thomas released
07/02/11 Maloof, Tyler released
07/01/11 Kelly, Robert released
07/01/11 Orlan, R.C. activated
06/29/11 Moran, Colin activated
06/29/11 Norris, Daryl released
06/28/11 Coyle, Tommy activated
06/27/11 Morin, Michael released
06/27/11 Carr, Josh released
06/25/11 Best, Jimmy released
06/22/11 Norris, Daryl activated
06/22/11 Brady, Kevin activated
06/22/11 Stanek, Ryne released
06/22/11 Koehler, Brett released
06/21/11 Brandt, Kevin signed TEMP LHP East Carolina
06/21/11 Ward, Brian activated
06/21/11 Elander, Josh released
06/21/11 Medina, Eddie released
06/19/11 Jolin, Will activated
06/18/11 Best, Jimmy signed TEMP C George Washington
06/18/11 Stanek, Ryne activated
06/18/11 Cannon, Jay released
06/17/11 Elander, Josh activated
06/17/11 Forsten, Chris released
06/16/11 Blair, Patrick released
06/16/11 Conway, Josh activated
06/15/11 Luciano, Anthony released
06/15/11 Creen, Chris released
06/15/11 Coats, Jason signed
06/14/11 Hicks, D.J. activated
06/14/11 Connolly, Ryan activated
06/14/11 Maloof, Tyler signed TEMP RHP Georgia
06/12/11 Farmer, Kyle activated
06/11/11 Medina, Eddie signed TEMP RHP St. Johns
06/11/11 Wood, Alex released