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Orleans Firebirds - Transactions


07/31/11 Mutz, Nick released
07/31/11 Selsky, Steve released
07/23/11 Chafin, Andrew released
07/19/11 Ottoson, Kyle signed LHP Arizona State
07/18/11 Hunter, Kyle released
07/18/11 Carpenter, Ryan released
07/04/11 Boyd, Matt signed to full contract.
07/02/11 Sisto, Matt released
07/02/11 Plutko, Adam released
07/02/11 Pazos, James released
07/01/11 Selsky, Steve signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Mutz, Nick signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Hauschild, Mike signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Duffy, Matt signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Chafin, Andrew signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Carpenter, Ryan signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Brebbia, John signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Waldrip, Ben signed to full contract.
07/01/11 Gomez, Anthony activated
07/01/11 Koch, Matt signed C Loyola Marymount
07/01/11 Wacha, Michael released
07/01/11 Gragnani, Reed activated
07/01/11 Nyisztor, Steve released
07/01/11 Marjama, Mike released
07/01/11 Roe, Shon released
07/01/11 Dunbar, Matt released
06/29/11 Aplin, Andrew activated
06/29/11 Hernandez, Jake released
06/29/11 Devoss, Zeke released
06/26/11 Williams, Brandon released
06/26/11 Piwnica-Worms, Will released
06/24/11 Sherrod, Alex released
06/24/11 Leathersich, Jack released
06/22/11 Boyd, Jayce activated
06/22/11 Shaeffer, Ronnie activated
06/21/11 Stewart, Jake activated
06/21/11 Butler, Patrick activated
06/21/11 Boyd, Matt released
06/21/11 Stroman, Marcus released
06/18/11 Carpenter, Ryan signed TEMP LHP Gonzaga
06/17/11 Leathersich, Jack signed TEMP LHP UMass-Lowell
06/14/11 Negrin, Tony released
06/14/11 Natale, Nick released
06/14/11 Roe, Shon signed TEMP SS Loyola Marymount
06/14/11 Stroman, Marcus activated
06/13/11 Senay, Tarran activated
06/11/11 Wheeler, Jason activated
06/10/11 Hauschild, Mike signed TEMP RHP Dayton