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Quincy Gems - Transactions


06/20/19 Jimenez, Ricky signed
06/10/19 Polak, Joey signed
06/06/19 Marshall, Tanner released
05/24/19 McRandal, Nick signed
05/22/19 Klotz, Cody signed
05/20/19 Crowl, Kyle signed
05/20/19 Johnson, Jacob signed
05/16/19 Logsdon, Lance released
05/16/19 Jenks, Davis released
05/16/19 Hickey, Shaun signed
05/13/19 Maldonado, Humberto activated
05/13/19 Paulsen, Tyler released
05/13/19 Hay, Alex released
05/07/19 Evans, Cole signed
05/07/19 Peccioli, Ty signed
05/07/19 McNamara, Tanner signed
05/06/19 Switzer, Drew placed on inactive list Preseason Not Available
05/06/19 Wallingford, Jase released
05/01/19 Rainwater, Sam signed
05/01/19 Wolf, Trey signed
04/18/19 Banks, Tyson released
04/18/19 Maldonado, Humberto released
04/18/19 Hurst, Drew released
04/15/19 Switzer, Drew signed
04/03/19 Jasmin, Tyler signed
04/03/19 Clark-Chiapparelli, Tyler signed