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DuPage Pistol Shrimp - Transactions


06/12/19 Merriwether, Christian released
06/11/19 Dressler, Noah signed
06/10/19 Hodo, Jonathan signed
06/10/19 Hodo, Jonathan released
06/04/19 Raether, Jake released
05/29/19 Hodo, Jonathan signed
05/29/19 Nozicka, Sam released
05/28/19 Nicholson, Dolan signed
05/27/19 Dressler, Noah signed
05/24/19 Kayser, Evan released
05/24/19 Schmitt, Logan signed
05/24/19 Larson, Eli released
05/22/19 Emme, Grant released
05/17/19 Whitaker Jr, Kevin released
05/13/19 Merriwether, Christian signed
05/07/19 Raether, Jake signed
04/30/19 Davidson, Anders signed
04/26/19 Buchanan, Beau released
04/26/19 Meyers, Josh released
04/23/19 Ertz, Jackson signed