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Lake County Fielders - Transactions


08/15/11 Judah, Sam released
08/15/11 Lee, Trenton released
08/15/11 Dziomba, Jon released
08/15/11 Weaver, Travis released
08/14/11 Perren, Derek released
08/13/11 DiSimone, Danny released
08/13/11 Morrison, Wade released
08/13/11 Coleman, David released
08/13/11 Moro, Colin released
08/11/11 Brewer, Jeremy released
08/10/11 Hunt, Jeremy released
08/08/11 White, Andy traded to outside league Normal
08/08/11 Brown, Chris released
08/08/11 Gomez, Jesus released
08/08/11 Rick, Alan released
08/06/11 Morrison, Wade signed
08/06/11 Hunt, Jeremy signed
08/04/11 Agustin, Brad released
08/04/11 Hildebrand, Josh released
08/03/11 Gunderson, Ryan released
08/03/11 Payne, Brad released
07/21/11 Blewett, Dan released
07/19/11 Kohli, Evan released
07/13/11 Mansilla, Matt traded to outside league Normal
07/13/11 Blewett, Dan suspended
07/13/11 Bongiovanni, Vince traded to outside league Lincoln
07/13/11 Paxton, Ben traded to outside league Normal
07/13/11 Gonzalez, Jino traded to outside league Lincoln
07/13/11 Moore, Michael released
07/13/11 Ziegler, C.J. released
07/13/11 Newton, Brandon suspended
07/13/11 Thompson, Chris released
07/13/11 Rundgren, Rex released
07/13/11 Nunez, Argelis released
07/13/11 Luquette, Quentin released
07/13/11 Lane, Greg released
07/13/11 Grife, Steve released
07/13/11 Gaudi, Nick released
07/13/11 Garcia, Lino released
07/13/11 Dempsey, Joe released
07/13/11 Cline, Zac released
07/13/11 Carr, Ryan released
07/13/11 Brooks, Patrick released
07/07/11 Rick, Alan signed
07/07/11 Redding, Matt released
06/24/11 Kohli, Evan signed
06/24/11 Daly, Brian released
06/22/11 Alvarez, Rafael released