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Rio Grande Valley Whitewings - Transactions


09/02/12 Barroso, Leugim suspended
08/27/12 Mays, James activated
08/27/12 Bautista, Erinzon released
08/23/12 Castillo, Nestor activated
08/23/12 Tsuboi, Tomochika released
08/16/12 Cruz, Reymond signed
08/16/12 Estevez, Ricardo released
08/14/12 Castillo, Nestor released
08/12/12 Paniagua, Salvador traded to San Angelo Colts
08/12/12 Pair, Michael acquired in trade from San Angelo Colts
08/09/12 Pozo, Jhonaldo released
08/08/12 Hernandez, Fidel traded to McAllen Thunder for Roberto Rodriguez
08/08/12 Rodriguez, Roberto acquired in trade from McAllen Thunder for IF Fidel Hernandez
08/02/12 Baez, Welinson signed
08/01/12 Sumoza, Luis released
07/29/12 Moron, Robert signed
07/29/12 Castillo, Nestor placed on inactive list
07/25/12 Mays, James placed on inactive list
07/24/12 Bautista, Erinzon activated
07/23/12 Chirinos, Luis sold to
07/20/12 Bautista, Erinzon placed on inactive list
07/20/12 Estevez, Ricardo signed
07/18/12 Castillo, Nestor signed
07/17/12 Garcia, Henry released
07/12/12 Pozo, Jhonaldo activated
07/12/12 Sciullo, John released
07/10/12 Cipriota, Jacinto signed
07/09/12 Santana, Francisco placed on inactive list
07/06/12 Pozo, Jhonaldo released
07/04/12 Ruiz, Romulo signed
07/03/12 Sciullo, John signed
06/25/12 Pozo, Jhonaldo activated
06/23/12 Alfonzo, Miguel traded to McAllen Thunder for player to be named later
06/19/12 Manzarillo, Ernesto released
06/19/12 Chacoa, Miguel released
06/19/12 Rivero, Jose released
06/19/12 Price, Jordan released
06/19/12 Pozo, Jhonaldo placed on inactive list
06/18/12 Reyes, Yobanny released