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New Hampshire Wild - Transactions


07/25/16 Hoover, Bryan acquired in trade from Sullivan Explorers
07/22/16 Widdows, Jarrod signed
07/13/16 Jacobs, Christopher released
07/13/16 Nunez, Dimitri signed
07/03/16 De Leon, Jorge traded to outside league Gary Railcats American Assoc.
07/03/16 Santana, Roberto signed
07/03/16 Valera, Jackson signed
06/30/16 Harper, Jason released
06/27/16 Grim, Nick signed
06/20/16 Mathieu, Zach signed
06/20/16 Caserta, Tyler released
06/20/16 Anzmann, Tyler released
06/18/16 Bradley, Marcus signed
06/17/16 Clark, Phillip released
06/10/16 Seise, Anthony signed
06/10/16 De Leon, Jorge signed
06/09/16 Sanogawa, Ryo released
06/09/16 Petersen, Matthew released