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Kansas City - Transactions


09/08/11 Large, TJ released
08/26/11 Dewald, Martin released
08/25/11 Little, Chris released
08/22/11 Washington, Rico traded to Gary SouthShore
08/17/11 Grening, Brian acquired in trade from Gary SouthShore
08/17/11 Little, Chris acquired in trade from Gary SouthShore
08/17/11 Lare, Trent traded to Gary SouthShore
08/17/11 Shipman, Andy traded to Gary SouthShore
08/16/11 Barrows, Peter acquired in trade from Wichita
08/15/11 Duran, Jose O. acquired in trade from Wichita
08/14/11 Mojica, Jimmy traded to Wichita
08/12/11 Snyder, Justin acquired in trade from St Paul
08/12/11 Snyder, Justin traded to St Paul
08/12/11 Eggleston, Aharon traded to St Paul
08/11/11 Shipman, Andy placed on disabled list retro 8/9
07/15/11 Light, Kevin released
07/10/11 Redman, Prentice released
07/08/11 Fasano, Jim acquired in trade from Fargo-Moorhead
06/30/11 Kassanavoid, Joseph released
06/30/11 Garcia, Fernando released
06/18/11 Espinosa, Alberto released
06/18/11 Rocco, Mike released
06/17/11 Dewald, Martin acquired in trade from outside league River City (Frontier League)
06/17/11 Hook, Ryan released
06/17/11 Lohden, Cole released
06/17/11 Jaspe, Jonathan released
06/17/11 Joynt, Brian released
06/17/11 White, Dwayne released
06/11/11 Reynoso, Ryne placed on disabled list
06/08/11 Morrison, Wade released
06/07/11 Simon, Keanon activated
06/06/11 Farnsworth, Nick traded to outside league River City (Frontier League)
06/05/11 Lare, Trent acquired in trade from Wichita
06/04/11 Cook, Aaron released
05/30/11 Simon, Keanon placed on disabled list Retro 5/29
05/28/11 Jones, Rusty released
05/22/11 Graham, Drew A. placed on inactive list
05/21/11 Suarez, Gabriel released
05/21/11 Stottlemyre, Clint released
05/21/11 Nieblas, Luis released
05/17/11 Price, Ryne released
05/10/11 Herrnberger, Alex released
05/10/11 Ledbetter, Grant released
04/18/11 Heim, Kyle released
04/18/11 Hernandez, Keith released
04/06/11 Hodges, Casey released
04/01/11 McAllister, Cody released
04/01/11 Mense, Hunter released
04/01/11 Knippschild, Ryan released
03/30/11 Shetrone, Drew released
03/30/11 Perisho, Matt released
03/29/11 Shipman, Andy acquired in trade from Gary SouthShore in exchange for cash and PTBNL
01/19/11 Cruse, Andrew released
11/03/10 Graham, Drew A. acquired in trade from Winnipeg