PJHL Regular Season 2017-2018


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All Times Local
EAST TOD Napanee Picton Thu, Feb 157:30 pmPrince Edward
EAST TOD Napanee Amherstview Sun, Feb 117:30 pmWJ Henderson
EAST TOD Port Hope Gananoque Sun, Feb 117:00 pmGananoque
EAST TOD Picton Port Hope Sat, Feb 107:30 pmPort Hope
EAST TOD Gananoque Campbellford Sat, Feb 107:30 pmSeymour CC
EAST TOD Campbellford Napanee Fri, Feb 097:30 pmNapanee
EAST TOD Campbellford Picton Thu, Feb 087:30 pmPrince Edward
EAST ORR North Kawartha Little Britain Sun, Feb 047:30 pmLittle Britain
EAST ORR Georgina Port Perry Sun, Feb 042:25 pmScugog
SOUTH Grimsby Port Dover Sun, Feb 042:00 pmPort Dover
WEST YECK Port Stanley Lucan Sun, Feb 041:45 pmLucan
SOUTH Port Dover Simcoe Sat, Feb 038:30 pmHespeler Arena
EAST TOD Gananoque Amherstview Sat, Feb 037:30 pmWJ Henderson
EAST ORR Uxbridge Little Britain Sat, Feb 037:30 pmLittle Britain
SOUTH Niagara Hagersville Sat, Feb 037:30 pmHagersville
EAST TOD Napanee Port Hope Sat, Feb 037:30 pmPort Hope
EAST TOD Picton Campbellford Sat, Feb 037:30 pmSeymour CC
WEST YECK Thamesford Dorchester Sat, Feb 037:30 pmDorchester CC
WEST Blenheim Mooretown Sat, Feb 037:30 pmMooretown1
EAST ORR Lakefield North Kawartha Sat, Feb 037:25 pmNorth Kawartha
WEST YECK Lucan Aylmer Sat, Feb 037:15 pmEast Elgin Main
WEST YECK Mt.Brydges Port Stanley Sat, Feb 037:00 pmPort Stanley
WEST YECK Aylmer North Middlesex Fri, Feb 028:30 pmNorth Middlesex
WEST YECK Lambeth Mt.Brydges Fri, Feb 028:15 pmTri Township
WEST YECK Dorchester Exeter Fri, Feb 028:00 pmSouth Huron
EAST ORR Clarington Uxbridge Fri, Feb 027:45 pmUxbridge
EAST TOD Gananoque Napanee Fri, Feb 027:30 pmNapanee
WEST YECK Lucan Thamesford Fri, Feb 027:30 pmThamesford
EAST ORR Little Britain Georgina Fri, Feb 027:30 pmGeorgina IP
SOUTH Simcoe Grimsby Fri, Feb 027:30 pmPeach King
SOUTH Glanbrook Dunnville Fri, Feb 027:30 pmDunnville Arena
WEST Petrolia Lakeshore Fri, Feb 027:00 pmAtlas Centre
WEST Blenheim Petrolia Thu, Feb 017:30 pmGreenwood Rec
EAST TOD Port Hope Picton Thu, Feb 017:30 pmPrince Edward
SOUTH Dundas Niagara Thu, Feb 017:30 pmGale Centre
EAST ORR Port Perry Clarington Thu, Feb 017:20 pmRickard
WEST Essex Wallaceburg Wed, Jan 317:30 pmWallaceburg
SOUTH Dundas Glanbrook Wed, Jan 317:30 pmGlanbrook Arena
EAST ORR Georgina Lakefield Tue, Jan 307:30 pmLakefield
WEST Mooretown Essex Tue, Jan 307:00 pmEssex CSC
WEST Lakeshore Wheatley Mon, Jan 297:00 pmWheatley AA
WEST YECK Port Stanley Lambeth Sun, Jan 287:30 pmLambeth Arena
SOUTH Dunnville Grimsby Sun, Jan 287:30 pmPeach King
EAST TOD Campbellford Amherstview Sun, Jan 287:30 pmWJ Henderson
SOUTH Glanbrook Simcoe Sun, Jan 287:30 pmTalbot Gardens
EAST TOD Picton Gananoque Sun, Jan 287:00 pmGananoque
NORTH Penetang Caledon Sun, Jan 287:00 pmCaledon East
WEST Wheatley Blenheim Sun, Jan 287:00 pmBlenheim
WEST Wallaceburg Amherstburg Sun, Jan 287:00 pmUCCUC
NORTH Huntsville Alliston Sun, Jan 286:30 pmNew Tec Rec
NORTH POLL Mitchell Wingham Sun, Jan 283:30 pmWescast Main
WEST YECK Lucan North Middlesex Sun, Jan 282:30 pmNorth Middlesex
EAST ORR North Kawartha Port Perry Sun, Jan 282:25 pmScugog
SOUTH Niagara Port Dover Sun, Jan 282:00 pmPort Dover
SOUTH DOH Burford Delhi Sat, Jan 278:00 pmDelhi Community
NORTH POLL Hanover Mount Forest Sat, Jan 278:00 pmMount Forest
NORTH POLL Goderich Kincardine Sat, Jan 277:55 pmDavidson
WEST YECK Thamesford Lucan Sat, Jan 277:45 pmLucan
WEST YECK Mt.Brydges Exeter Sat, Jan 277:30 pmSouth Huron
SOUTH Dundas Hagersville Sat, Jan 277:30 pmHagersville
NORTH Midland Orillia Sat, Jan 277:30 pmWest Orillia SC
EAST ORR Port Perry Little Britain Sat, Jan 277:30 pmLittle Britain
EAST TOD Gananoque Port Hope Sat, Jan 277:30 pmPort Hope
EAST TOD Napanee Campbellford Sat, Jan 277:30 pmSeymour CC
WEST YECK Lambeth Dorchester Sat, Jan 277:30 pmDorchester CC
SOUTH DOH Tavistock Wellesley Sat, Jan 277:30 pmWellesley
SOUTH DOH Woodstock New Hamburg Sat, Jan 277:30 pmWilmot Arena
SOUTH DOH Ayr Paris Sat, Jan 277:30 pmBrant SC
EAST ORR Uxbridge North Kawartha Sat, Jan 277:25 pmNorth Kawartha
NORTH POLL Walkerton Mitchell Sat, Jan 277:10 pmMitchell Arena
WEST YECK Aylmer Port Stanley Sat, Jan 277:00 pmPort Stanley
NORTH POLL Walkerton Kincardine Fri, Jan 268:25 pmDavidson
WEST YECK North Middlesex Mt.Brydges Fri, Jan 268:15 pmTri Township
NORTH POLL Goderich Hanover Fri, Jan 268:00 pmP and H Centre
WEST YECK Aylmer Exeter Fri, Jan 268:00 pmSouth Huron
SOUTH DOH Burford Norwich Fri, Jan 268:00 pmNorwich CC
NORTH Schomberg Penetang Fri, Jan 268:00 pmPenetang MCC
NORTH Caledon Huntsville Fri, Jan 268:00 pmCanada SC
SOUTH DOH Paris Woodstock Fri, Jan 267:45 pmWoodstock CC
EAST ORR Little Britain Uxbridge Fri, Jan 267:45 pmUxbridge
NORTH Stayner Midland Fri, Jan 267:30 pmN. Simcoe SRC
NORTH Orillia Alliston Fri, Jan 267:30 pmNew Tec Rec
EAST ORR Clarington Georgina Fri, Jan 267:30 pmGeorgina IP
NORTH POLL Mount Forest Wingham Fri, Jan 267:30 pmWescast Main
WEST Petrolia Dresden Fri, Jan 267:30 pmDresden
EAST TOD Port Hope Napanee Fri, Jan 267:30 pmNapanee
WEST YECK Lambeth Thamesford Fri, Jan 267:30 pmThamesford
WEST YECK Port Stanley Dorchester Fri, Jan 267:30 pmDorchester CC
SOUTH DOH Delhi New Hamburg Fri, Jan 267:30 pmWilmot Arena
SOUTH DOH Ayr Tavistock Fri, Jan 267:30 pmTavistock
SOUTH Hagersville Dunnville Fri, Jan 267:30 pmDunnville Arena
SOUTH Niagara Grimsby Fri, Jan 267:30 pmPeach King
WEST Wallaceburg Lakeshore Fri, Jan 267:00 pmAtlas Centre
NORTH Penetang Stayner Thu, Jan 258:10 pmStayner Mem.
WEST Wallaceburg Petrolia Thu, Jan 257:30 pmGreenwood Rec
SOUTH DOH Wellesley Ayr Thu, Jan 257:30 pmNorth Dumfries
NORTH Alliston Schomberg Thu, Jan 257:30 pmTrisan Centre
SOUTH Port Dover Dundas Thu, Jan 257:30 pmOlympic Arena
SOUTH Glanbrook Niagara Thu, Jan 257:30 pmGale Centre
EAST TOD Amherstview Picton Thu, Jan 257:30 pmPrince Edward
EAST ORR Georgina Clarington Thu, Jan 257:20 pmRickard
WEST Mooretown Wallaceburg Wed, Jan 247:30 pmWallaceburg
SOUTH Hagersville Glanbrook Wed, Jan 247:30 pmGlanbrook Arena
EAST ORR Little Britain Lakefield Tue, Jan 237:30 pmLakefield
WEST Lakeshore Essex Tue, Jan 237:00 pmEssex CSC
SOUTH DOH Burford Paris Mon, Jan 227:30 pmBrant SC
WEST Amherstburg Wheatley Mon, Jan 227:00 pmWheatley AA
WEST YECK Exeter Mt.Brydges Sun, Jan 217:30 pmTri Township
SOUTH Hagersville Simcoe Sun, Jan 217:30 pmTalbot Gardens
EAST TOD Port Hope Amherstview Sun, Jan 217:30 pmWJ Henderson
WEST YECK Lucan Lambeth Sun, Jan 217:30 pmLambeth Arena
WEST YECK Port Stanley Thamesford Sun, Jan 217:30 pmThamesford
NORTH POLL Mount Forest Mitchell Sun, Jan 217:05 pmMitchell Arena
EAST TOD Picton Napanee Sun, Jan 217:00 pmNapanee
EAST TOD Campbellford Gananoque Sun, Jan 217:00 pmGananoque
WEST Lakeshore Amherstburg Sun, Jan 217:00 pmUCCUC
NORTH Alliston Caledon Sun, Jan 217:00 pmCaledon East
WEST Dresden Blenheim Sun, Jan 217:00 pmBlenheim
NORTH Penetang Huntsville Sun, Jan 212:30 pmCanada SC
EAST ORR Lakefield Port Perry Sun, Jan 212:25 pmScugog
NORTH POLL Kincardine Goderich Sun, Jan 212:00 pmGoderich MRC
SOUTH Dunnville Port Dover Sun, Jan 212:00 pmPort Dover
NORTH POLL Goderich Mount Forest Sat, Jan 208:00 pmMount Forest
NORTH POLL Wingham Hanover Sat, Jan 208:00 pmP and H Centre
WEST YECK Mt.Brydges North Middlesex Sat, Jan 208:00 pmNorth Middlesex
SOUTH DOH Ayr Woodstock Sat, Jan 207:45 pmWoodstock CC
SOUTH Port Dover Hagersville Sat, Jan 207:30 pmHagersville
EAST ORR Clarington Little Britain Sat, Jan 207:30 pmLittle Britain
EAST TOD Port Hope Campbellford Sat, Jan 207:30 pmSeymour CC
WEST Dresden Mooretown Sat, Jan 207:30 pmMooretown1
SOUTH DOH Tavistock Paris Sat, Jan 207:30 pmBrant SC
SOUTH DOH New Hamburg Wellesley Sat, Jan 207:30 pmWellesley
EAST ORR Lakefield North Kawartha Sat, Jan 207:25 pmNorth Kawartha
WEST YECK Lambeth Aylmer Sat, Jan 207:15 pmEast Elgin Main
WEST YECK Lucan Port Stanley Sat, Jan 207:00 pmPort Stanley
SOUTH DOH Delhi Burford Sat, Jan 201:30 pmBurford Com
NORTH POLL Hanover Kincardine Fri, Jan 198:25 pmDavidson
NORTH POLL Wingham Walkerton Fri, Jan 198:20 pmWalkerton
WEST YECK Aylmer Mt.Brydges Fri, Jan 198:15 pmTri Township
NORTH POLL Mitchell Goderich Fri, Jan 198:00 pmGoderich MRC
NORTH Orillia Huntsville Fri, Jan 198:00 pmCanada SC
WEST YECK Port Stanley Exeter Fri, Jan 198:00 pmSouth Huron
NORTH Caledon Penetang Fri, Jan 198:00 pmPenetang MCC
SOUTH DOH Wellesley Norwich Fri, Jan 198:00 pmNorwich CC
EAST ORR North Kawartha Uxbridge Fri, Jan 197:45 pmUxbridge
SOUTH DOH Delhi Woodstock Fri, Jan 197:45 pmWoodstock CC
NORTH Schomberg Alliston Fri, Jan 197:30 pmNew Tec Rec
WEST Wallaceburg Dresden Fri, Jan 197:30 pmDresden
EAST TOD Amherstview Napanee Fri, Jan 197:30 pmNapanee
WEST YECK North Middlesex Thamesford Fri, Jan 197:30 pmThamesford
EAST ORR Port Perry Georgina Fri, Jan 197:30 pmGeorgina IP
SOUTH Simcoe Dunnville Fri, Jan 197:30 pmDunnville Arena
NORTH Stayner Midland Fri, Jan 197:30 pmN. Simcoe SRC
SOUTH DOH New Hamburg Tavistock Fri, Jan 197:30 pmTavistock
SOUTH Glanbrook Grimsby Fri, Jan 197:30 pmPeach King
WEST Petrolia Lakeshore Fri, Jan 197:00 pmAtlas Centre
NORTH Huntsville Stayner Thu, Jan 188:10 pmStayner Mem.
SOUTH Hagersville Dundas Thu, Jan 187:30 pmOlympic Arena
WEST Wheatley Petrolia Thu, Jan 187:30 pmGreenwood Rec
NORTH Midland Schomberg Thu, Jan 187:30 pmTrisan Centre
SOUTH DOH Norwich Ayr Thu, Jan 187:30 pmNorth Dumfries
SOUTH Grimsby Niagara Thu, Jan 187:30 pmGale Centre
EAST TOD Gananoque Picton Thu, Jan 187:30 pmPrince Edward
NORTH Caledon Orillia Wed, Jan 178:00 pmWest Orillia SC
WEST Amherstburg Wallaceburg Wed, Jan 177:30 pmWallaceburg
SOUTH Port Dover Glanbrook Wed, Jan 177:30 pmGlanbrook Arena
EAST ORR Clarington Lakefield Tue, Jan 167:30 pmLakefield
WEST Dresden Essex Tue, Jan 167:00 pmEssex CSC
WEST Essex Wheatley Mon, Jan 157:00 pmWheatley AA
SOUTH DOH Paris Burford Sun, Jan 148:30 pmBurford Com
SOUTH Niagara Simcoe Sun, Jan 147:30 pmTalbot Gardens
EAST TOD Picton Amherstview Sun, Jan 147:30 pmWJ Henderson
SOUTH Dunnville Grimsby Sun, Jan 147:30 pmPeach King
WEST YECK North Middlesex Lambeth Sun, Jan 147:30 pmLambeth Arena
WEST Mooretown Blenheim Sun, Jan 147:00 pmBlenheim
WEST Petrolia Amherstburg Sun, Jan 147:00 pmUCCUC
EAST TOD Port Hope Gananoque Sun, Jan 147:00 pmGananoque
NORTH Midland Caledon Sun, Jan 147:00 pmCaledon East
EAST ORR Uxbridge Georgina Sun, Jan 143:30 pmSutton
NORTH POLL Kincardine Wingham Sun, Jan 143:30 pmWescast Main
WEST YECK Lucan Port Stanley Sun, Jan 142:30 pmSt.Thomas-Elgin
EAST ORR Little Britain Port Perry Sun, Jan 142:25 pmScugog
NORTH POLL Mount Forest Goderich Sun, Jan 142:25 pmGoderich MRC
SOUTH Hagersville Port Dover Sun, Jan 142:00 pmPort Dover
NORTH POLL Kincardine Mount Forest Sat, Jan 138:00 pmMount Forest
NORTH Alliston Penetang Sat, Jan 138:00 pmPenetang MCC
WEST YECK Dorchester North Middlesex Sat, Jan 138:00 pmNorth Middlesex
WEST YECK Exeter Lucan Sat, Jan 137:45 pmLucan
NORTH POLL Wingham Goderich Sat, Jan 137:35 pmGoderich MRC
EAST ORR Georgina Little Britain Sat, Jan 137:30 pmLittle Britain
SOUTH Glanbrook Hagersville Sat, Jan 137:30 pmHagersville
EAST TOD Gananoque Campbellford Sat, Jan 137:30 pmSeymour CC
SOUTH DOH Woodstock Wellesley Sat, Jan 137:30 pmWellesley
SOUTH DOH Norwich Burford Sat, Jan 137:30 pmBurford Com
SOUTH DOH New Hamburg Paris Sat, Jan 137:30 pmBrant SC
SOUTH DOH Delhi Tavistock Sat, Jan 137:30 pmTavistock
EAST TOD Amherstview Port Hope Sat, Jan 137:30 pmPort Hope
WEST Amherstburg Mooretown Sat, Jan 137:30 pmMooretown1
EAST ORR Port Perry North Kawartha Sat, Jan 137:25 pmNorth Kawartha
WEST YECK Thamesford Aylmer Sat, Jan 137:15 pmEast Elgin Main
NORTH POLL Hanover Mitchell Sat, Jan 137:10 pmMitchell Arena
WEST YECK Lambeth Port Stanley Sat, Jan 137:00 pmPort Stanley
SOUTH Dundas Niagara Sat, Jan 137:00 pmGale Centre
NORTH Orillia Caledon Fri, Jan 128:30 pmCaledon East
WEST YECK Lucan Mt.Brydges Fri, Jan 128:15 pmTri Township
SOUTH DOH New Hamburg Norwich Fri, Jan 128:00 pmNorwich CC
NORTH POLL Walkerton Hanover Fri, Jan 128:00 pmP and H Centre
SOUTH DOH Tavistock Woodstock Fri, Jan 127:45 pmWoodstock CC
EAST ORR Clarington Uxbridge Fri, Jan 127:45 pmUxbridge
EAST ORR North Kawartha Georgina Fri, Jan 127:30 pmGeorgina IP
NORTH Huntsville Midland Fri, Jan 127:30 pmN. Simcoe SRC
WEST Wheatley Dresden Fri, Jan 127:30 pmDresden
EAST TOD Gananoque Napanee Fri, Jan 127:30 pmNapanee
NORTH Penetang Alliston Fri, Jan 127:30 pmNew Tec Rec
SOUTH Grimsby Dunnville Fri, Jan 127:30 pmDunnville Arena
WEST YECK Dorchester Port Stanley Fri, Jan 127:30 pmPort Stanley
SOUTH DOH Wellesley Delhi Fri, Jan 127:30 pmDelhi Community
WEST YECK Exeter Thamesford Fri, Jan 127:30 pmThamesford
WEST Blenheim Lakeshore Fri, Jan 127:00 pmAtlas Centre
NORTH Midland Stayner Thu, Jan 118:10 pmStayner Mem.
SOUTH Niagara Dundas Thu, Jan 117:30 pmOlympic Arena
NORTH Orillia Schomberg Thu, Jan 117:30 pmTrisan Centre
WEST Essex Petrolia Thu, Jan 117:30 pmGreenwood Rec
EAST TOD Napanee Picton Thu, Jan 117:30 pmPrince Edward
SOUTH DOH Tavistock Ayr Thu, Jan 117:30 pmNorth Dumfries
EAST ORR Little Britain Clarington Thu, Jan 117:20 pmRickard
WEST YECK Lambeth Aylmer Wed, Jan 108:15 pmEast Elgin Main
WEST Lakeshore Wallaceburg Wed, Jan 107:30 pmWallaceburg
SOUTH Simcoe Glanbrook Wed, Jan 107:30 pmGlanbrook Arena
EAST ORR North Kawartha Lakefield Tue, Jan 097:30 pmLakefield
WEST Wallaceburg Essex Tue, Jan 097:00 pmEssex CSC
WEST Mooretown Wheatley Mon, Jan 087:00 pmWheatley AA
EAST ORR Lakefield Little Britain Sun, Jan 077:30 pmLittle Britain
WEST YECK Mt.Brydges Dorchester Sun, Jan 077:30 pmDorchester CC
SOUTH Dunnville Simcoe Sun, Jan 077:30 pmTalbot Gardens
EAST TOD Campbellford Amherstview Sun, Jan 077:30 pmWJ Henderson
WEST YECK Thamesford Lambeth Sun, Jan 077:30 pmLambeth Arena
WEST Wheatley Blenheim Sun, Jan 077:00 pmBlenheim
NORTH Alliston Caledon Sun, Jan 077:00 pmCaledon East
WEST Essex Amherstburg Sun, Jan 077:00 pmUCCUC
NORTH Schomberg Stayner Sun, Jan 077:00 pmStayner Mem.
EAST TOD Picton Gananoque Sun, Jan 077:00 pmGananoque
NORTH Orillia Huntsville Sun, Jan 072:30 pmCanada SC
EAST ORR Uxbridge Port Perry Sun, Jan 072:25 pmScugog
NORTH POLL Kincardine Walkerton Sun, Jan 072:20 pmWalkerton
SOUTH DOH New Hamburg Delhi Sun, Jan 072:00 pmDelhi Community
SOUTH DOH Burford Wellesley Sun, Jan 072:00 pmWellesley
SOUTH Dundas Port Dover Sun, Jan 072:00 pmPort Dover
SOUTH DOH Paris Ayr Sun, Jan 071:30 pmNorth Dumfries
NORTH POLL Wingham Mount Forest Sat, Jan 068:00 pmMount Forest
WEST YECK North Middlesex Lucan Sat, Jan 067:45 pmLucan
NORTH POLL Hanover Goderich Sat, Jan 067:35 pmGoderich MRC
EAST ORR Port Perry Little Britain Sat, Jan 067:30 pmLittle Britain
NORTH Midland Orillia Sat, Jan 067:30 pmWest Orillia SC
WEST Mooretown Dresden Sat, Jan 067:30 pmDresden
WEST YECK Exeter Dorchester Sat, Jan 067:30 pmDorchester CC
SOUTH Grimsby Hagersville Sat, Jan 067:30 pmHagersville
EAST TOD Napanee Port Hope Sat, Jan 067:30 pmPort Hope
EAST TOD Amherstview Campbellford Sat, Jan 067:30 pmSeymour CC
SOUTH Niagara Port Dover Sat, Jan 067:20 pmPort Dover
WEST YECK Mt.Brydges Aylmer Sat, Jan 067:15 pmEast Elgin Main
WEST YECK Mt.Brydges North Middlesex Fri, Jan 058:30 pmNorth Middlesex
NORTH POLL Mount Forest Walkerton Fri, Jan 058:20 pmWalkerton
WEST YECK Lambeth Exeter Fri, Jan 058:00 pmSouth Huron
NORTH Huntsville Penetang Fri, Jan 058:00 pmPenetang MCC
NORTH POLL Mitchell Hanover Fri, Jan 058:00 pmP and H Centre
EAST ORR Georgina Uxbridge Fri, Jan 057:45 pmUxbridge
WEST YECK Aylmer Thamesford Fri, Jan 057:30 pmThamesford
EAST TOD Picton Napanee Fri, Jan 057:30 pmNapanee
WEST Blenheim Dresden Fri, Jan 057:30 pmDresden
NORTH POLL Goderich Wingham Fri, Jan 057:30 pmWescast Main
NORTH Caledon Alliston Fri, Jan 057:30 pmNew Tec Rec
SOUTH DOH Delhi Wellesley Fri, Jan 057:30 pmWellesley
SOUTH Dunnville Grimsby Fri, Jan 057:30 pmPeach King
NORTH Schomberg Midland Fri, Jan 057:30 pmN. Simcoe SRC
SOUTH DOH Woodstock Tavistock Fri, Jan 057:30 pmTavistock
SOUTH DOH Norwich New Hamburg Fri, Jan 057:30 pmWilmot Arena
EAST ORR Little Britain North Kawartha Fri, Jan 057:25 pmNorth Kawartha
WEST Amherstburg Lakeshore Fri, Jan 057:00 pmAtlas Centre
NORTH Orillia Stayner Thu, Jan 048:10 pmStayner Mem.
SOUTH Hagersville Niagara Thu, Jan 047:30 pmGale Centre
SOUTH Simcoe Dundas Thu, Jan 047:30 pmOlympic Arena
WEST Blenheim Petrolia Thu, Jan 047:30 pmGreenwood Rec
EAST TOD Amherstview Picton Thu, Jan 047:30 pmPrince Edward
NORTH Caledon Schomberg Thu, Jan 047:30 pmTrisan Centre
SOUTH DOH Burford Ayr Thu, Jan 047:30 pmNorth Dumfries
EAST ORR Lakefield Clarington Thu, Jan 047:20 pmRickard
NORTH POLL Hanover Wingham Wed, Jan 038:30 pmWescast Main
NORTH POLL Walkerton Mitchell Wed, Jan 038:20 pmMitchell Arena
WEST Lakeshore Mooretown Wed, Jan 038:00 pmMooretown1
EAST TOD Napanee Campbellford Wed, Jan 038:00 pmSeymour CC
WEST Wheatley Wallaceburg Wed, Jan 037:30 pmWallaceburg
SOUTH Niagara Glanbrook Wed, Jan 037:30 pmGlanbrook Arena
SOUTH DOH Norwich Woodstock Tue, Jan 027:45 pmWoodstock CC
EAST ORR Uxbridge Lakefield Tue, Jan 027:30 pmLakefield
WEST Petrolia Essex Tue, Jan 027:00 pmEssex CSC
EAST ORR Clarington Port Perry Mon, Jan 012:25 pmScugog
WEST YECK Aylmer Lucan Sun, Dec 311:45 pmLucan
NORTH POLL Mitchell Mount Forest Sat, Dec 308:00 pmMount Forest
SOUTH DOH Tavistock Delhi Sat, Dec 308:00 pmDelhi Community
NORTH POLL Walkerton Goderich Sat, Dec 307:35 pmGoderich MRC
SOUTH Simcoe Hagersville Sat, Dec 307:30 pmHagersville
WEST Wallaceburg Mooretown Sat, Dec 307:30 pmMooretown1
SOUTH DOH Woodstock Burford Sat, Dec 307:30 pmBurford Com
EAST ORR North Kawartha Little Britain Sat, Dec 307:30 pmLittle Britain
NORTH Alliston Orillia Sat, Dec 307:30 pmWest Orillia SC
NORTH Huntsville Midland Sat, Dec 307:30 pmN. Simcoe SRC
SOUTH DOH Paris Wellesley Sat, Dec 307:30 pmWellesley
WEST YECK North Middlesex Aylmer Sat, Dec 307:15 pmEast Elgin Main
NORTH Penetang Schomberg Sat, Dec 305:00 pmTrisan Centre
EAST ORR Clarington Lakefield Sat, Dec 301:30 pmPeterboroughMem
NORTH POLL Goderich Mitchell Fri, Dec 298:20 pmMitchell Arena
NORTH POLL Mount Forest Hanover Fri, Dec 298:00 pmP and H Centre
SOUTH DOH Ayr Norwich Fri, Dec 298:00 pmNorwich CC
NORTH Stayner Caledon Fri, Dec 298:00 pmCaledon East
NORTH Alliston Penetang Fri, Dec 298:00 pmPenetang MCC
NORTH Midland Huntsville Fri, Dec 298:00 pmCanada SC
EAST ORR Port Perry Uxbridge Fri, Dec 297:45 pmUxbridge
SOUTH DOH Wellesley Woodstock Fri, Dec 297:45 pmWoodstock CC
SOUTH Hagersville Grimsby Fri, Dec 297:30 pmPeach King
EAST ORR Little Britain Georgina Fri, Dec 297:30 pmGeorgina IP
WEST Mooretown Dresden Fri, Dec 297:30 pmDresden
SOUTH Port Dover Dunnville Fri, Dec 297:30 pmDunnville Arena
SOUTH DOH Burford Tavistock Fri, Dec 297:30 pmTavistock
EAST ORR Lakefield North Kawartha Fri, Dec 297:25 pmNorth Kawartha
WEST Wallaceburg Amherstburg Fri, Dec 297:00 pmUCCUC
EAST ORR Georgina Port Perry Thu, Dec 288:15 pmScugog
NORTH Schomberg Stayner Thu, Dec 288:10 pmStayner Mem.
SOUTH Niagara Dundas Thu, Dec 287:30 pmOlympic Arena
EAST TOD Picton Amherstview Thu, Dec 287:30 pmWJ Henderson
SOUTH DOH Delhi Ayr Thu, Dec 287:30 pmNorth Dumfries
EAST ORR Uxbridge Clarington Thu, Dec 287:20 pmRickard
NORTH POLL Wingham Mitchell Wed, Dec 278:30 pmMitchell Arena
NORTH Penetang Orillia Wed, Dec 278:00 pmWest Orillia SC
WEST Lakeshore Wallaceburg Wed, Dec 277:30 pmWallaceburg
SOUTH Dunnville Glanbrook Wed, Dec 277:30 pmGlanbrook Arena
WEST Dresden Amherstburg Wed, Dec 277:00 pmUCCUC
NORTH POLL Hanover Walkerton Sat, Dec 238:20 pmWalkerton
NORTH POLL Goderich Mount Forest Sat, Dec 238:00 pmMount Forest
SOUTH DOH Woodstock Delhi Sat, Dec 238:00 pmDelhi Community
EAST ORR Georgina Lakefield Sat, Dec 237:30 pmLakefield
WEST Blenheim Mooretown Sat, Dec 237:30 pmMooretown1
SOUTH Dunnville Hagersville Sat, Dec 237:30 pmHagersville
NORTH Caledon Orillia Sat, Dec 237:30 pmWest Orillia SC
SOUTH DOH Tavistock Wellesley Sat, Dec 237:30 pmWellesley
SOUTH DOH Norwich Paris Sat, Dec 237:30 pmBrant SC
EAST ORR Clarington Little Britain Sat, Dec 237:30 pmLittle Britain
EAST ORR Uxbridge North Kawartha Sat, Dec 237:25 pmNorth Kawartha
WEST YECK Aylmer Port Stanley Sat, Dec 237:00 pmPort Stanley
WEST YECK Aylmer North Middlesex Fri, Dec 228:30 pmNorth Middlesex
NORTH POLL Mount Forest Kincardine Fri, Dec 228:25 pmDavidson
NORTH Orillia Penetang Fri, Dec 228:00 pmPenetang MCC
SOUTH DOH Burford Norwich Fri, Dec 228:00 pmNorwich CC
NORTH Schomberg Huntsville Fri, Dec 228:00 pmCanada SC
SOUTH DOH Delhi Woodstock Fri, Dec 227:45 pmWoodstock CC
EAST ORR Lakefield Uxbridge Fri, Dec 227:45 pmUxbridge
SOUTH DOH Wellesley New Hamburg Fri, Dec 227:30 pmWilmot Arena
SOUTH DOH Paris Tavistock Fri, Dec 227:30 pmTavistock
WEST YECK Exeter Dorchester Fri, Dec 227:30 pmDorchester CC
WEST Blenheim Dresden Fri, Dec 227:30 pmDresden
NORTH POLL Walkerton Wingham Fri, Dec 227:30 pmWescast Main
EAST ORR Port Perry Georgina Fri, Dec 227:30 pmGeorgina IP
NORTH Stayner Alliston Fri, Dec 227:30 pmNew Tec Rec
NORTH Caledon Midland Fri, Dec 227:30 pmN. Simcoe SRC
SOUTH Dundas Grimsby Fri, Dec 227:30 pmPeach King
SOUTH Niagara Dunnville Fri, Dec 227:30 pmDunnville Arena
WEST Mooretown Lakeshore Fri, Dec 227:00 pmAtlas Centre
NORTH Penetang Stayner Thu, Dec 218:10 pmStayner Mem.
NORTH POLL Goderich Kincardine Thu, Dec 217:55 pmDavidson
WEST Dresden Petrolia Thu, Dec 217:30 pmGreenwood Rec
SOUTH Glanbrook Dundas Thu, Dec 217:30 pmOlympic Arena
SOUTH Hagersville Niagara Thu, Dec 217:30 pmGale Centre
NORTH Alliston Schomberg Thu, Dec 217:30 pmTrisan Centre
SOUTH DOH New Hamburg Ayr Thu, Dec 217:30 pmNorth Dumfries
EAST ORR North Kawartha Clarington Thu, Dec 217:20 pmRickard
WEST YECK Aylmer Lucan Wed, Dec 207:45 pmLucan
WEST Blenheim Wallaceburg Wed, Dec 207:30 pmWallaceburg
SOUTH Grimsby Glanbrook Wed, Dec 207:30 pmGlanbrook Arena
EAST TOD Napanee Campbellford Tue, Dec 197:30 pmSeymour CC
WEST Wheatley Essex Tue, Dec 197:00 pmEssex CSC
SOUTH DOH Delhi Paris Mon, Dec 187:30 pmBrant SC
WEST Petrolia Wheatley Mon, Dec 187:00 pmWheatley AA
WEST YECK Mt.Brydges Lambeth Sun, Dec 177:30 pmLambeth Arena
SOUTH Grimsby Simcoe Sun, Dec 177:30 pmTalbot Gardens
EAST TOD Port Hope Amherstview Sun, Dec 177:30 pmWJ Henderson
WEST Lakeshore Amherstburg Sun, Dec 177:00 pmUCCUC
NORTH Orillia Caledon Sun, Dec 177:00 pmCaledon East
WEST Essex Blenheim Sun, Dec 177:00 pmBlenheim
NORTH Alliston Huntsville Sun, Dec 172:30 pmCanada SC
WEST YECK North Middlesex Port Stanley Sun, Dec 172:30 pmSt.Thomas-Elgin
EAST ORR Little Britain Port Perry Sun, Dec 172:25 pmScugog
NORTH POLL Walkerton Mount Forest Sun, Dec 172:00 pmMount Forest
SOUTH Hagersville Port Dover Sun, Dec 172:00 pmPort Dover
NORTH POLL Mitchell Hanover Sun, Dec 172:00 pmP and H Centre
SOUTH Niagara Simcoe Sat, Dec 168:30 pmHespeler Arena
NORTH POLL Wingham Walkerton Sat, Dec 168:20 pmWalkerton
NORTH POLL Kincardine Mount Forest Sat, Dec 168:00 pmMount Forest
WEST YECK Exeter North Middlesex Sat, Dec 168:00 pmNorth Middlesex
SOUTH DOH Norwich Delhi Sat, Dec 168:00 pmDelhi Community
NORTH Midland Penetang Sat, Dec 168:00 pmPenetang MCC
EAST ORR Lakefield Little Britain Sat, Dec 167:30 pmLittle Britain
SOUTH Glanbrook Hagersville Sat, Dec 167:30 pmHagersville
SOUTH DOH New Hamburg Burford Sat, Dec 167:30 pm