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Fassa Falcons vanquishes HC Gherdeina valgardena.it in shootout, 3-2 (1-0 SO)

Gianmario Scola    Thu, Jan 28, 2016

Jesse Niinimäki scored the clinching goal in a shootout, and Fassa Falcons picked up the extra point in a 3-2 (1-0 SO) win over HC Gherdeina valgardena.it.

The shootout featured nine attempts between both teams.

Fassa Falcons was sparked by Niinimäki, who registered one goal. Niinimäki scored 3:24 into the second period to make the score 2-0 Fassa Falcons. Jari Monferone assisted on the tally.

Fassa Falcons stifled HC Gherdeina valgardena.it's power play, and did not give up a single goal while down a man.

Fassa Falcons was led by Niinimäki, who finished with one goal. Luca Felicetti also scored for Fassa Falcons. More assists for Fassa Falcons came via Michael Jouko Vaskivuo, Martin Castlunger, and Milos Ganz, who contributed one each.

HC Gherdeina valgardena.it was helped by Benjamin Kostner, who racked up one goal. Kostner scored 11:19 into the second period to make the score 2-1 Fassa Falcons. Joel Brugnoli picked up the assist. HC Gherdeina valgardena.it also got a goal from Luke Moffatt as well. In addition, HC Gherdeina valgardena.it received assists from Daniel Peruzzo, Justin Mercier, and Fabio Kostner, who each chipped in one.

Thomas Tragust recorded 33 saves for Fassa Falcons. Fassa Falcons incurred six minutes in penalty time with three minors. Gianluca Vallini rejected 31 shots on goal for HC Gherdeina valgardena.it. HC Gherdeina valgardena.it incurred four minutes in penalty time with two minors.