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HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering survives HC Gherdeina valgardena.it comeback, wins 5-4

Pranives    Sat, Sep 26, 2015

HC Gherdeina valgardena.it tried its best to erase a three-goal deficit, but HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering would not be denied the victory and hung on to win, 5-4.

HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering made the score 4-1 on a goal by Marco Pozzi at 17:45 in the second period, and HC Gherdeina valgardena.it got as close as 4-3 when Fabrizio Senoner scored 6:24 into the third period.

HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering pulled out the victory even though it was hit with 12 penalty minutes.

HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering outdid its season average for goals scored. HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering has scored at the pace of 2.7 goals per game during the current campaign. HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering got an offensive boost from its blueliners, who contributed two goals during the game.

HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering was helped by Derek Roehl, who registered one goal. Roehl scored 10:34 into the third period to make the score 5-3 HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering. Alex Silva picked up the assist. HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering additionally got points from Pozzi, who also tallied one goal and one assist and Pietro Canale, who also finished with one goal and one assist. Others who scored for HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering included Andre Signoretti and Francesco De Biasio, who scored one goal each. Other players who recorded assists for HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering were Matthew Beca, who had one and Paolo Nicolao and Edoardo Caletti, who each chipped in two.

HC Gherdeina valgardena.it was led by Justin Mercier, who grabbed two goals. Mercier scored the first of his two goals at 5:11 into the first period to make the score 1-0 HC Gherdeina valgardena.it. Enrico Chelodi assisted on the tally. Mercier's next tally made the score 4-2 HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering with 1:11 left in the second period. Chelodi picked up the assist. HC Gherdeina valgardena.it also got a goal from Davide Holzknecht as well. In addition, HC Gherdeina valgardena.it received assists from Luke Moffatt, who had three and Ivan Demetz, Shane Sims, and Benjamin Kostner, who contributed one each.

Shane Madolora rejected 26 shots on goal for HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering. HC Valpellice Bodino Engineering registered one goal on four power play opportunities. Gianluca Vallini recorded 29 saves for HC Gherdeina valgardena.it. HC Gherdeina valgardena.it incurred eight minutes in penalty time with four minors.