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Sharks Ball Hockey League
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SBHL (Fall 2012)


Fall 2012

Team Records
Longest Win Streak
Team Games Dates
Blade Crushers409/12/12 -> 09/26/12
Blood Brothers309/19/12 -> 09/26/12
Blood Brothers309/05/12 -> 09/12/12
Big Dogs210/03/12 -> 10/10/12
Isotopes210/03/12 -> 10/03/12
Longest Non-Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Blade Crushers409/12/12 -> 09/26/12
Blood Brothers409/05/12 -> 09/12/12
Big Dogs409/26/12 -> 10/10/12
Blood Brothers309/19/12 -> 09/26/12
Isotopes210/03/12 -> 10/03/12
Isotopes209/05/12 -> 09/05/12
Longest Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Big Dogs509/05/12 -> 09/19/12
Blade Crushers210/03/12 -> 10/10/12
Blade Crushers209/05/12 -> 09/12/12
Blood Brothers210/03/12 -> 10/03/12
Isotopes209/26/12 -> 09/26/12
Largest Winning Margin
Team Margin Game
Blade Crushers8(09/19/12) Blade Crushers 14 at Blood Brothers 6
Blood Brothers8(09/26/12) Isotopes 2 at Blood Brothers 10
Blade Crushers7(09/05/12) Big Dogs 4 at Blade Crushers 11
Blood Brothers7(10/10/12) Big Dogs 3 at Blood Brothers 10
Big Dogs6(09/26/12) Big Dogs 9 at Blade Crushers 3
Blade Crushers5(10/10/12) Blade Crushers 8 at Blood Brothers 3
Most Goals For
Team GF Game
Blade Crushers14(09/19/12) Blade Crushers 14 at Blood Brothers 6
Blade Crushers11(09/05/12) Big Dogs 4 at Blade Crushers 11
Blood Brothers11(09/26/12) Big Dogs 10 at Blood Brothers 11
Big Dogs10(09/26/12) Big Dogs 10 at Blood Brothers 11
Blood Brothers10(10/10/12) Big Dogs 3 at Blood Brothers 10
Blood Brothers10(09/26/12) Isotopes 2 at Blood Brothers 10
Blade Crushers9(09/12/12) Isotopes 5 at Blade Crushers 9
Isotopes9(10/03/12) Blood Brothers 5 at Isotopes 9
Blood Brothers9(09/05/12) Blood Brothers 9 at Blade Crushers 6
Big Dogs9(09/26/12) Big Dogs 9 at Blade Crushers 3
Most PIM
Team PIM Game
Blood Brothers6(10/10/12) Blade Crushers 8 at Blood Brothers 3
Blade Crushers4(10/10/12) Blade Crushers 8 at Blood Brothers 3
Isotopes4(09/19/12) Isotopes 5 at Blood Brothers 8
Division Player Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Team Games PTS) Dates
Joe StrafaceBlood Brothers12(43) 09/05/12 -> ...
Liang SetoBig Dogs12(31) 09/05/12 -> ...
Albert VuongBig Dogs11(33) 09/05/12 -> 10/10/12
Chi LamBlood Brothers11(28) 09/05/12 -> 10/10/12
Andy NielsenBlade Crushers10(30) 09/05/12 -> 10/03/12
Chris ConrodBlade Crushers10(27) 09/05/12 -> ...
Zal DaruwallaBig Dogs10(24) 09/05/12 -> ...
Paul GloecklerBlade Crushers10(21) 09/05/12 -> 10/03/12
Terence FongBig Dogs10(15) 09/05/12 -> ...
Christopher HildebrandBlood Brothers9(15) 09/05/12 -> 10/03/12
Tim McphersonBig Dogs8(23) 09/12/12 -> ...
Mike CantwellIsotopes8(16) 09/05/12 -> ...
Jay MooreBig Dogs7(17) 09/12/12 -> ...
Danny ButlerIsotopes7(10) 09/05/12 -> 09/26/12
Grant RossBlade Crushers7(10) 09/12/12 -> 10/03/12
Most PTS in a Game
Player Team PTS Game
Rambo BunBlade Crushers7(09/12/12) vs Isotopes
Albert VuongBig Dogs7(09/26/12) at Blood Brothers
Chris ConrodBlade Crushers7(09/19/12) at Blood Brothers
Chun SetoBlade Crushers7(09/05/12) vs Big Dogs
Rambo BunBig Dogs6(09/26/12) at Blood Brothers
Joe StrafaceBlood Brothers6(10/10/12) vs Big Dogs
Chi LamBlood Brothers6(09/26/12) vs Big Dogs
Joe StrafaceBlood Brothers6(09/19/12) vs Isotopes
Most Goals in a Game
Player Team Goals Game
Rambo BunBlade Crushers5(09/12/12) vs Isotopes
Joe StrafaceBlood Brothers4(09/05/12) at Isotopes
Joe StrafaceBlood Brothers4(09/19/12) vs Isotopes
Chris ConrodBlade Crushers4(09/19/12) at Blood Brothers
Andy NielsenBlade Crushers4(09/05/12) vs Big Dogs
Michael WaldhuberBlade Crushers4(09/19/12) at Blood Brothers
Most Assists in a Game
Player Team Assists Game
Travis BanksIsotopes5(09/12/12) at Big Dogs
Tim McphersonBig Dogs5(10/10/12) at Isotopes
Most PIM in a Game
Player Team PIM Game
Joe StrafaceBlood Brothers4(10/10/12) vs Blade Crushers
Division Goalie Records
Most Saves in a Game
Goalie Team SAVES Game
JP GastonBig Dogs39(09/19/12) vs Isotopes
Chi YanBlood Brothers37(09/19/12) vs Isotopes
Dave ScottIsotopes35(09/05/12) vs Big Dogs
Dave ScottIsotopes35(10/10/12) vs Blade Crushers
Jeremy DieserBlade Crushers34(09/26/12) vs Big Dogs
JP GastonBig Dogs33(09/05/12) at Blade Crushers
Dave ScottIsotopes33(10/03/12) vs Blood Brothers
Chi YanBlood Brothers33(10/03/12) at Isotopes
Chi YanBlood Brothers32(09/12/12) at Big Dogs
Dave ScottIsotopes32(09/26/12) at Blade Crushers
Goalie Win Streaks
Goalie Team Games Dates
Jeremy DieserBlade Crushers409/12/12 -> 09/26/12
Chi YanBlood Brothers309/19/12 -> 09/26/12
Chi YanBlood Brothers309/05/12 -> 09/12/12
Dave ScottIsotopes210/03/12 -> 10/03/12
JP GastonBig Dogs210/03/12 -> 10/10/12