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KHL (ROTO 10 Winter 2011)


B Division

Team Records
Longest Win Streak
Team Games Dates
Wolves602/02/11 -> ...
Stricking Serpent302/25/11 -> ...
Bad Boys202/21/11 -> ...
Tting Zmaray202/18/11 -> 02/23/11
TAZ Team202/01/11 -> 02/04/11
C.L.I.T.202/14/11 -> 02/18/11
Longest Non-Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Wolves602/02/11 -> ...
Bad Boys302/16/11 -> ...
Stricking Serpent302/25/11 -> ...
TAZ Team302/01/11 -> 02/09/11
Afghan Selects202/09/11 -> 02/15/11
Tting Zmaray202/18/11 -> 02/23/11
Tting Zmaray201/31/11 -> 02/04/11
C.L.I.T.202/14/11 -> 02/18/11
Stricking Serpent202/08/11 -> 02/16/11
Longest Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Desert Dogs402/07/11 -> ...
Chimo302/16/11 -> ...
Sigs Sqn No Stars302/02/11 -> 02/15/11
Afghan Selects202/21/11 -> ...
ESN Transport202/22/11 -> ...
Force Protection202/18/11 -> ...
Force Protection202/02/11 -> 02/08/11
C.L.I.T.202/24/11 -> ...
Largest Winning Margin
Team Margin Game
Wolves10(02/07/11) Desert Dogs 1 at Wolves 11
Stricking Serpent9(02/08/11) Force Protection 2 at Stricking Serpent 11
Stricking Serpent7(03/03/11) Stricking Serpent 8 at C.L.I.T. 1
ESN Transport6(02/09/11) C.L.I.T. 1 at ESN Transport 7
Wolves6(03/15/11) Wolves 8 at Tting Zmaray 2
Stricking Serpent5(02/25/11) Afghan Selects 2 at Stricking Serpent 7
Wolves5(03/02/11) Desert Dogs 4 at Wolves 9
ESN Transport5(02/17/11) Desert Dogs 1 at ESN Transport 6
Most Goals For
Team GF Game
Stricking Serpent11(02/08/11) Force Protection 2 at Stricking Serpent 11
Wolves11(02/07/11) Desert Dogs 1 at Wolves 11
Desert Dogs9(02/02/11) Sigs Sqn No Stars 6 at Desert Dogs 9
Wolves9(03/02/11) Desert Dogs 4 at Wolves 9
Stricking Serpent8(03/03/11) Stricking Serpent 8 at C.L.I.T. 1
Wolves8(03/15/11) Wolves 8 at Tting Zmaray 2
Wolves8(02/21/11) Wolves 8 at Afghan Selects 4
Most PIM
Team PIM Game
ESN Transport24(02/17/11) Desert Dogs 1 at ESN Transport 6
Stricking Serpent20(02/16/11) Bad Boys 4 at Stricking Serpent 4
C.L.I.T.12(02/24/11) Sigs Sqn No Stars 6 at C.L.I.T. 4
Force Protection12(02/02/11) Wolves 4 at Force Protection 3
Chimo12(02/16/11) Chimo 0 at Wolves 4
Bad Boys12(02/04/11) Bad Boys 2 at TAZ Team 3
Division Player Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Team Games PTS) Dates
Jozef SargaWolves5(13) 02/07/11 -> ...
Guy NouryTting Zmaray5(12) 01/31/11 -> ...
Robert DoucetteC.L.I.T.5(10) 02/09/11 -> ...
Jean-Francois PaulinTAZ Team4(7) 02/01/11 -> ...
Mário SlancikWolves4(5) 02/07/11 -> ...
TED HOWARDAfghan Selects4(5) 01/31/11 -> 02/21/11
Pat CantinTting Zmaray4(4) 01/31/11 -> ...
Daniel JuneauTAZ Team4(4) 02/01/11 -> ...
CHRIS SINESAfghan Selects3(6) 02/09/11 -> 02/21/11
Samuel ThériaultStricking Serpent3(6) 02/25/11 -> ...
Eric GirardStricking Serpent3(6) 02/25/11 -> ...
Peter MRÁZIKBad Boys3(5) 02/16/11 -> ...
ROB FRASERAfghan Selects3(4) 01/31/11 -> ...
Joël LamontagneForce Protection3(3) 02/02/11 -> 02/18/11
Yannick BrunelleForce Protection3(3) 02/02/11 -> ...
Most PTS in a Game
Player Team PTS Game
Guy NouryTting Zmaray5(02/14/11) at C.L.I.T.
Jan HricWolves5(03/02/11) vs Desert Dogs
Heron DanielForce Protection4(02/08/11) at Stricking Serpent
Jozef SargaWolves4(03/02/11) vs Desert Dogs
Jason MorrisC.L.I.T.4(02/14/11) vs Tting Zmaray
WILLIAM MCADAMESN Transport4(02/09/11) vs C.L.I.T.
Samuel ThériaultStricking Serpent4(03/02/11) vs Chimo
CHRIS SINESAfghan Selects4(02/09/11) vs TAZ Team
Most Goals in a Game
Player Team Goals Game
John FindlayC.L.I.T.3(02/14/11) vs Tting Zmaray
Michal PolhorskyWolves3(02/21/11) at Afghan Selects
Jozef SargaWolves3(03/02/11) vs Desert Dogs
Guy NouryTting Zmaray3(02/14/11) at C.L.I.T.
Ryan MunroDesert Dogs3(02/02/11) vs Sigs Sqn No Stars
Marius LeblancChimo3(02/07/11) vs Sigs Sqn No Stars
Stephan RobertStricking Serpent3(02/08/11) vs Force Protection
Peter PUKANBad Boys3(02/25/11) vs ESN Transport
CHRIS SINESAfghan Selects3(02/09/11) vs TAZ Team
Most Assists in a Game
Player Team Assists Game
Samuel ThériaultStricking Serpent3(03/02/11) vs Chimo
Heron DanielForce Protection3(02/08/11) at Stricking Serpent
Jan HricWolves3(03/02/11) vs Desert Dogs
Most PIM in a Game
Player Team PIM Game
JUSTIN HOULEESN Transport14(02/17/11) vs Desert Dogs
Gerald IvanyC.L.I.T.6(02/24/11) vs Sigs Sqn No Stars
Guy FoucaultStricking Serpent6(02/16/11) vs Bad Boys
SCOTT ROACHSigs Sqn No Stars6(02/24/11) at C.L.I.T.
Division Goalie Records
Most Saves in a Game
Goalie Team SAVES Game
David CreteChimo43(02/07/11) vs Sigs Sqn No Stars
Richard CordellC.L.I.T.41(02/09/11) at ESN Transport
VIRGINIE LAMARREESN Transport40(02/09/11) vs C.L.I.T.
Bernard PepinStricking Serpent39(02/08/11) vs Force Protection
Marc-André DesjardinsForce Protection38(02/14/11) vs ESN Transport
Daniel HeronForce Protection37(02/08/11) at Stricking Serpent
Martin PAVLÍKBad Boys36(02/04/11) at TAZ Team
GREG ROACHEAfghan Selects35(02/25/11) at Stricking Serpent
Emmanuel GirardTting Zmaray35(01/31/11) at Bad Boys
Martin PAVLÍKBad Boys35(01/31/11) vs Tting Zmaray
Goalie Win Streaks
Goalie Team Games Dates
Juraj BrinckoWolves302/07/11 -> ...
Bernard PepinStricking Serpent302/25/11 -> ...
Pelletier C.L.I.T.202/14/11 -> 02/18/11
Francois LetendreTAZ Team202/01/11 -> 02/04/11
Martin PAVLÍKBad Boys202/21/11 -> ...