Hockey / Respect in Lacrosse Video Series: Episode 4

Respect in Lacrosse Video Series: Episode 4

Date:  Source: Canadian Lacrosse Association


The final video in a four-part Respect in Lacrosse video series by the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) was released today. “Respect in the Game: Responsibility of Coaches to Lead by Example” is now available. 


Respect in the Game: Responsibility of Coaches to Lead by Example:


Respect in the Game: Respecting the history, tradition and Indigenous roots of the game:


Respect in the Game: Showing Respect, Tolerance and Understanding to Officials:


Respect in the Game: Responsibility of Players to Conduct Themselves Respectfully:


The video series features interviews with Dana Dobbie, Eddie Comeau, Bruce Paton, Tami Rayner, Findley Wilson, Peter Garrow, Jason Noble, Carolyn Toll, Christian Del Bianco, Sarah Orr, and Lauren Black.


The Respect in Lacrosse videos are available on the Canadian Lacrosse Association’s YouTube Channel:





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