Basketball / Press Release - Vandalism

Press Release - Vandalism

Date:  Source: Moncton Kiwanis Minor Basketball Association

We have become aware of a number of recent vandalism incidents that have occurred in schools during MKMBA activities.  Vandalism is a criminal offence that is taken very seriously.

Our association works closely with the Anglophone East School District to remain in good standing with respect to community use of schools.  This partnership is foundationally key and enables us to deliver our programs cost effectively and, in doing so, enriching the lives of as many youth in our community as possible.  Although we have maintained this relationship for many years, the increase in incidents such as these creates many challenges in the process. 

MKMBA would like to remind our members and the public that it is imperative we treat our facilities and facility staff with respect.  Let’s work together to make our schools a safe and clean environment for everyone.  If you see unsupervised children in the hallways, please let them and/or a guardian know that it is NOT permitted.  Additionally, should you be witness to inappropriate behavior occurring during our events, please speak with a volunteer and let us know promptly.   

Additional information can be found in the Code of Conduct policy at 

Thank you,
Dusty Tower
President, MKMBA