Basketball / Message from the MKMBA President

Message from the MKMBA President

Date:  Source: Moncton Kiwanis Minor Basketball Association


Hello MKMBA Members, 

Firstly, I would like to say a sincere thank you.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give back to an association that I am proud to
have been a part of for the better part of the last 20 years.  Very proud. 

Being proud feels good and is important in life.  I wish this feeling upon everyone in our organization – our players, coaches, referees,
volunteers, and my fellow board members.  Some are proud to be a part what we do today, for newer members we may need to build
pride from scratch, and there are others in which we will need to re-ignite it. 
 Whether you are a part of our provincial or recreational
programming, this will be equally important as we shift toward re-balancing these areas within the organization.  
I am committed
fostering and growing the pride in absolutely everything we do because it will help guide us in the right direction as we, MKMBA as a
whole, move forward together.  

In recent times we have done well at moving forward by taking a more tactical approach, year over year, with our services and
programming.  Today, however, the youth sports landscape is changing more significantly and in order evolve with it, we need to shift to
a more strategic approach.  Over the next two months, the Board of Directors will be entering into strategic planning sessions.  Some of
the considerations in this process will include: our mission, risks, strengths, challenges, and opportunities.  The output will be an
association strategic plan that will ensure we are positioned to effectively deliver the best possible programs, evolve as an organization
with a longer term vision, and grow our membership so that we can have a broader positive impact on the youth of our region.  

As we prepare for this, the next step is to survey the court.  We cannot do this alone though - we need your help.  After all, you are
paying members of our association so you are entitled to an opportunity to help shape it.  Below you will find a link to two surveys -
please help us by taking time to complete one or both.  The survey is *anonymous* but feel free to leave your contact information
should you wish to further discuss any feedback.  All feedback received will be a major input to our planning.  

Recreational Program Survey -

Provincial Program Survey -

Transparency and moving quickly to action are very important to me so keep an eye out for news on these and other initiatives/activities
moving forward on Facebook, Twitter, and our Website. 

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the MKMBA, we are turning a corner and I see open court ahead.  Let’s move the ball ahead together.

Thank you,
Dusty Tower
President, MKMBA