Baseball / A Chat with President Nellis

A Chat with President Nellis

Date:  Source: Southern Ohio Copperheads

by Sarah Newgarde


ATHENS, Ohio—President Duane Nellis smiled as he looked over Bob Wren Stadium. It’s his second summer in Athens and he’s excited for the Copperheads baseball season start.

“It’s wonderful to have the Copperheads here to celebrate the summer in Athens,” said Nellis.

In particular, Nellis enjoys that a large number of Ohio University students work for the organization. In his eyes, the program strengthens the sports administration and journalism programs as well as the respective graduates.

“It’s a great learning lab for them as well… it is unique. It’s so exciting to me that we have this opportunity.”

As a fan of both the Copperheads and Ohio University baseball, Nellis is rooting for the team to build on their previous successful season. With the addition of a few Bobcat athletes to the roster, the university’s ties to the team are more tangible than ever.

Speaking for all Copperheads fans, Nellis hopes, “we have a great team this year” and “do even better than last year.”