Baseball / Former Cougar Athlete Lisa Korchinski is battling Brain Cancer

Former Cougar Athlete Lisa Korchinski is battling Brain Cancer

Date:  Source: University of Regina Cougars Softball Club

On November 17, 2017, Lisa and her husband, Kim, received some life changing news. After enduring what she thought were severe migraines for two months prior, Lisa was diagnosed with a sizeable brain tumour that required surgery. They were told that the tumour appeared to be low grade, but surgery was needed sooner than later to remove it. Because they assumed the tumour was low grade, this could cause some potential difficulty during the surgery. Low grade tumours often do not appear visually different than the surrounding healthy tissue, making them difficult to remove without causing damage. The neurosurgeon explained that the risks involved with the surgery could include loss of vision to some degree, possible left side paralysis, and a long list of potential post-op complications. Her hospital stay could range from one to five weeks, barring any complications and how well her recovery progressed.

Lisa underwent extensive brain surgery on December 1, her daughter’s first birthday. After a 6 hour surgery to remove the tumour, she was brought out of sedation. The neurosurgeon had her take a look around to check her vision, to which Lisa gave a thumbs up- she had no visual deficits at all! Later that day they had her moving her arms and legs- her left side suffered no paralysis of any kind! Within 24 hours of surgery, Lisa was moved out of the Surgical ICU, and transferred to a regular neurology ward. In less than two days, she was sitting up, walking, eating- recovering at an astounding rate! 

After running some follow-up scans, Lisa’s neurosurgeon confirmed that he was able to remove about 90% of the tumour, which was about the size of a fist. However, he also explained that the tumour had spots that were not like the rest, and while he did get all of these "ugly spots", they needed to wait on the pathology results before they could determine next steps, particularly regarding treatment. The results could take anywhere from 10 to 30 days to receive back. 

Recovery went extremely well for Lisa, and she was home FIVE days post surgery! 

On December 14, Lisa received a call from her surgeon, who asked to meet with her in his office. The pathology results were back. The samples had been tested in both the Regina and Saskatoon labs, and both came back with the same result: grade 4 glioblastoma, a very aggressive form of brain cancer. 

Lisa's treatment will begin in January 2018. She will undergo radiation and chemotherapy, concurrently. 

Lisa was scheduled to go back to work on December 1, after the conclusion of her maternity leave. As Lisa will not be able to work during treatment or recovery, and Kim will be required to take time off for appointments and care of his family, we are asking for your support of this incredible woman and her amazing family. Anyone who has the pleasure of calling Kim & Lisa friends knows that they are the first ones to jump in when someone needs a helping hand. Friends, it is our turn to return the favour. This is the beginning of a tough journey ahead. They need our support. 

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Their world has been turned upside down, but there are still daycare costs, groceries to be purchased, mortgage payments to be made. Not to mention the costs associated with medications that will be required. This is where you come in. These funds will be used to support a family who are always lending a helping hand, and at this time, need a village of support around them.

Thank you for all of your love and support for the Korchinski family.