Serie A2 2012/13

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HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega downs EV Bozen 84 Groupon, 6-3

Egna    Sun, Oct 28, 2012

The HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega Wild Goose took home the win against EV Bozen 84 Groupon, 6-3.

HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega surpassed its usual scoring output this season. The Wild Goose average 3.7 goals per game. HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega could not stay out of the penalty box, as the team accrued 32 minutes in penalties during the game.

The Wild Goose were led by Nicholas Bonino, who finished with one goal and three assists. Bonino scored 18:56 into the first period to make the score 3-0 HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega. Matteo Peiti assisted on the tally. HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega also got points from Michael Sullmann, who also grabbed one goal and two assists and Peiti, who also tallied one goal and two assists. Others who scored for HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega included Alexander Sullmann, who had one and Rudi Locatin, who had two. In addition, HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega received assists from Christian Rainer, who had two and Daniele Delladio and Brent Patry, who contributed one a piece.

EV Bozen 84 Groupon was forced to rely heavily on their penalty kill unit throughout the game, as it racked up 26 penalty minutes.

EV Bozen 84 Groupon was led by Dylan Stanley, who racked up two goals and one assist. Stanley scored the first of his two goals at 19:36 into the second period to make the score 5-2 HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega. Stanislav Jasecko provided the assist. Stanley's next tally made the score 5-3 HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega with 4:03 left in the third period. EV Bozen 84 Groupon additionally got points from Jasecko, who also had one goal and one assist.

Martin Rizzi rejected 14 shots on goal for HC Neumarkt Egna Riwega. The Wild Goose registered two goals on seven power play opportunities. Federico Tesini made 22 saves for EV Bozen 84 Groupon on 27 shots. EV Bozen 84 Groupon registered three goals on 10 power play opportunities.