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IBL Summer 2022 - Transactions

Date Team  
05/31/23 Toronto Maple Leafs Lewis, Connor signed
07/25/22 Kitchener Panthers Entenza, Noelvis signed
07/25/22 Kitchener Panthers Borroto, Yorbis signed
07/25/22 Barrie Baycats Matlow, Josh signed
07/25/22 Brantford Red Sox Pomerleau, Brady signed
07/25/22 Hamilton Cardinals Tani, Chris signed
07/25/22 Hamilton Cardinals Dei Baning, Dennis signed
07/23/22 Guelph Royals Braun, Ben signed
07/19/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Knecht, Marcus signed
07/18/22 Welland Jackfish Gideon, Justin signed
07/16/22 London Majors Acevedo, Anderson signed
07/16/22 Hamilton Cardinals Burnside, Ryan signed
07/15/22 Hamilton Cardinals Bonaccorso, Michael signed
07/10/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Hernandez, Franklin signed
07/07/22 Guelph Royals Chenier, Evan signed
07/05/22 Barrie Baycats Civil, Henrry signed
07/04/22 Hamilton Cardinals Darroch, Jesse signed
07/01/22 London Majors Reichstein, Byron signed
06/30/22 Guelph Royals Case, Andrew signed
06/30/22 Welland Jackfish Lazar, Chris signed
06/10/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Jacober, Dylan signed
06/10/22 Brantford Red Sox Larner, Garrett signed
06/04/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Duskocy, Dana signed
06/03/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Boscarino, Luca signed
06/02/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Murciano, Noah signed
06/01/22 Kitchener Panthers McGovern, Matt signed
05/30/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Richardson, Dustin signed
05/29/22 Guelph Royals Sewell, Brian signed
05/25/22 Barrie Baycats Lacasse, Marcel signed
05/22/22 Guelph Royals de la Cruz Paez, Jorge signed
05/20/22 Guelph Royals Mercado, Nelson signed
05/19/22 Welland Jackfish Jackman, Will signed
05/19/22 Kitchener Panthers Grisanti, Luis signed
05/16/22 Hamilton Cardinals Muir, Aidan activated
05/16/22 Hamilton Cardinals Markle, Wes activated
05/16/22 Hamilton Cardinals Sekulovich, Brandon signed
05/16/22 Brantford Red Sox Lui, Brian signed
05/16/22 Brantford Red Sox Stam, Hayden signed
05/16/22 Brantford Red Sox Mackay, Brodie signed
05/16/22 Hamilton Cardinals Turcotte, Sam signed
05/16/22 Hamilton Cardinals Niles, Josh activated
05/16/22 Hamilton Cardinals Braun, Gabriel activated
05/16/22 Hamilton Cardinals Mainprize, Drew activated
05/15/22 Kitchener Panthers Laird, Nathan signed
05/14/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Topolie, Damon signed
05/14/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Dos Santos, Ryan signed
05/13/22 Kitchener Panthers Nahrabeki, Stephen signed
05/13/22 London Majors Cabral, Cesar signed
05/13/22 Guelph Royals Barry, Lukas signed
05/13/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Deska, Marek signed
05/13/22 Guelph Royals Marquez, Daniel signed
05/13/22 Guelph Royals Kiser, Evan signed
05/13/22 Guelph Royals DeGrace, Kyle signed
05/13/22 Guelph Royals MacLeod, Jeff signed
05/13/22 Guelph Royals Reilly, Sean signed
05/13/22 Kitchener Panthers Sloat, Dreyden signed
05/13/22 Kitchener Panthers Mahoney, Dan signed
05/13/22 Guelph Royals Inkol, Jordon signed
05/12/22 London Majors Lund, Jarryd signed
05/12/22 London Majors Ambrogio, Connor signed
05/12/22 Hamilton Cardinals Strecker, Stefan signed
05/12/22 Brantford Red Sox Gowing, Alexander signed
05/12/22 Kitchener Panthers Sherman, Evyn signed
05/10/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Carrington, Greg signed
05/10/22 Hamilton Cardinals Scragg, Nathan signed
05/09/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Marra, Adam signed
05/09/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Tamane, Grant signed
05/09/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Sloan, Zach signed
05/09/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Marra, Justin signed
05/09/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Marra, Dan signed
05/09/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Solazzo, Johnathan signed
05/09/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Castaldo, Jordan signed
05/09/22 Toronto Maple Leafs Nagorski, Chris signed
05/05/22 London Majors Krzeminski, Gibson signed
05/05/22 Brantford Red Sox Yambatis, Yunior signed
05/05/22 Brantford Red Sox Yambatis, Yunior signed
05/03/22 London Majors Gore, Daniel signed
05/01/22 London Majors Symons, Evan signed
04/30/22 Hamilton Cardinals Gajic, Jacob signed
04/27/22 London Majors Fernandez, Fernando signed
04/27/22 Barrie Baycats Rodriguez, Starlin signed
04/25/22 Kitchener Panthers Hauck, Christian signed
04/24/22 Guelph Royals Dressler, Steven signed
04/13/22 Guelph Royals Kush, Kyle signed
04/06/22 London Majors McQueen, Chris signed
04/06/22 Kitchener Panthers Anderson, Jack signed
03/31/22 Welland Jackfish Romanin, Mattingly signed
03/28/22 Guelph Royals Custodio, Claudio signed
03/28/22 Guelph Royals Hammond, Ethan signed
03/28/22 Guelph Royals Garton, Josh signed
03/28/22 Guelph Royals Interisano, Justin signed
03/28/22 Guelph Royals Keys, Brendan signed
03/28/22 Guelph Royals Morro, Conner signed
03/28/22 Guelph Royals Guerrero, Emilis signed
03/28/22 Guelph Royals Arias, Santos signed
03/28/22 Hamilton Cardinals Young, Jordan signed
03/28/22 Hamilton Cardinals Veilleux, Jeremie signed
03/28/22 Hamilton Cardinals Renaud, Laine signed
03/28/22 Hamilton Cardinals Nieva, Brandon signed
03/28/22 Hamilton Cardinals Lonetto, Matt signed
03/28/22 Hamilton Cardinals Lazar, Chris signed
03/28/22 Hamilton Cardinals Gideon, Justin signed
03/28/22 Hamilton Cardinals Braun, Ben signed
03/28/22 Hamilton Cardinals Bak, Spencer signed
03/28/22 Barrie Baycats Wilson, Jake signed
03/27/22 Welland Jackfish Morello, Gianfranco signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Soules, Evan signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Odd, Adam signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Tuck, Avery signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Rijo, Ryan signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Plumpton, Tyler signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats McGarry-Doyle, Noel signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Leishman, Marshall signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Lojko, Max signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Infante, Branfy signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Hoover, Riley signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Hillier, Brandon signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Garces, Frank signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Duwyn, Mike signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Cecchetto, Mike signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Burns, Carson signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Benitez, Juan signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Ando, Royce signed
03/27/22 Barrie Baycats Anderson, James signed
03/25/22 Welland Jackfish Boatto, Chris signed
03/23/22 Welland Jackfish Cina, Zarley signed
03/23/22 Guelph Royals Pompey, Dalton signed
03/23/22 Guelph Royals Collymore, Malik signed
03/18/22 Guelph Royals Reid, Ben signed
03/18/22 Welland Jackfish Harford, Jake signed
03/18/22 Welland Jackfish Wagner, Mike signed
03/18/22 Kitchener Panthers Carthy, Jorden signed
03/18/22 Brantford Red Sox Moore, Bennett signed
03/16/22 Welland Jackfish Bonaccorso, Michael signed
03/16/22 London Majors Boon, Owen signed
03/06/22 Brantford Red Sox Dziomba, Jon signed
02/26/22 Brantford Red Sox Lombardi, Luca signed
02/26/22 Brantford Red Sox Lev, Kyle signed
02/24/22 Brantford Red Sox Tebbit, Graham signed
02/23/22 Kitchener Panthers Wilson, Liam signed
02/21/22 Hamilton Cardinals MacNeil, Owen signed
02/17/22 Brantford Red Sox Jafine, Adam signed
02/15/22 Kitchener Panthers Douglas, Jacob signed
02/10/22 Kitchener Panthers Whalen, Stephen signed
02/08/22 Welland Jackfish Lawson, Brett signed
02/07/22 Welland Jackfish Corrente, Rich signed
02/07/22 Kitchener Panthers Marsden, Keegan signed
02/03/22 Kitchener Panthers Bruinsma, David signed
02/03/22 Welland Jackfish Marco, Greg signed
02/02/22 Guelph Royals Barlas, Darius signed
02/02/22 Guelph Royals Shred, Darren signed
02/01/22 Welland Jackfish Bouillere-Howard, Casey signed
01/31/22 Welland Jackfish Hilderbrandt, Matt signed
01/31/22 Kitchener Panthers Stoddart, Matt signed
01/31/22 Kitchener Panthers Schnarr, Brady signed
01/31/22 Kitchener Panthers Procopio, Daniel signed
01/29/22 Kitchener Panthers Robertson, Adam signed
01/29/22 Kitchener Panthers Jarvis, Jett signed
01/29/22 Kitchener Panthers Jacklin, Blake signed
01/28/22 London Majors Wilkie, Austin signed
01/28/22 Kitchener Panthers Leader, Andy signed
01/25/22 Welland Jackfish Pasco, Ethan signed
01/25/22 Hamilton Cardinals Underwood, Jacob signed
01/24/22 Welland Jackfish Underhill, Brandon signed
01/19/22 Brantford Red Sox Mueller, Mike signed
01/18/22 London Majors De Los Santos, Pedro signed
01/11/22 London Majors Kandel, Keith signed
01/11/22 London Majors Ferrington, Braeden signed
01/06/22 Hamilton Cardinals Buonaiuto, Anthony signed
12/31/21 Welland Jackfish Nicholson, Brandon signed
12/23/21 London Majors Brownlee, Cleveland signed
12/21/21 Welland Jackfish Clingersmith, Matthew signed
12/15/21 Barrie Baycats Cox, Chris signed
12/03/21 Brantford Red Sox Bruder, Gabe signed
11/24/21 Hamilton Cardinals Osika, Tristan signed
11/23/21 Brantford Red Sox Burdett, Nick signed
11/23/21 Brantford Red Sox Hood-Tidman, Sean signed
11/21/21 Barrie Baycats Grieveson, Brad signed
11/21/21 Barrie Baycats Rossel, Aidan signed
11/21/21 Barrie Baycats Jansen, Owen signed
11/17/21 Brantford Red Sox Lampreia, Zach signed
11/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Keen, Roger signed
11/11/21 Brantford Red Sox Fountain, Colton signed
11/10/21 Brantford Red Sox Deluca, Michael signed
11/08/21 Brantford Red Sox Sutherland, Liam signed
11/08/21 Brantford Red Sox Reid, Jacob signed
11/08/21 Brantford Red Sox Fishbaum, Jesse signed