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Medford Rogues - Transactions


08/05/13 Coronado, Christian released
07/29/13 Snyder, Brandon released
07/25/13 Hogan, Casey released
07/25/13 Teel, Ryan released
07/25/13 Palensky, Caleb released
07/25/13 Brown, Seth released
07/25/13 Jacome, Justin placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
07/15/13 Lessel, Jake released
07/10/13 Page, Matt released
07/10/13 George, Conner released
07/02/13 Weiss, Brody released
06/28/13 Hall, Nicholas released
06/28/13 Newton, Shakeel released
06/28/13 Kha, Steven released
06/28/13 Hansen, Billy released
06/28/13 Feinberg, Gregory released
06/28/13 Harris, Conner released
06/28/13 Ampi, Vince released