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Front Royal Cardinals - Transactions


07/28/17 Moclair, Mark traded to outside league Cotuit Kettlers
07/28/17 Andrews, Joshua traded to outside league Cotuit Kettlers
07/22/17 Kirsch, Michael released
07/22/17 Hassell, Jaden released
07/22/17 Mumper, Marc released
07/22/17 Harris, Trevor released
07/22/17 Aldebol, Pedro released
07/22/17 Thomas, Blake released
07/17/17 Gobbell, Calvin activated
07/16/17 Ortega, Nickolas released
07/16/17 Petrie, Michael released
07/16/17 Ramirez, Junior activated
07/12/17 Dunlap, Michael activated
07/11/17 Perkins, Carter released
07/10/17 Ruggles, Ryan released
07/09/17 McDonough, Michael released
06/28/17 Gottschall, Jonathan activated
06/23/17 Cato, Kelvin released
06/19/17 Watson, Ryan released
06/19/17 Greene, Jordan activated
06/14/17 Andrews, Ted released
06/11/17 Perkins, Carter activated
06/09/17 Petrie, Michael activated
06/07/17 Leckich, Ryan activated
06/06/17 Ortega, Nickolas activated
06/03/17 Hassell, Jaden activated