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Long Island Ducks - Transactions


09/17/10 Quinn, Jamie activated
09/06/10 Spurling, Chris placed on inactive list
09/04/10 Diaz, Joselo suspended for retroactive to 8/29/10 games
08/31/10 Navarrete, Ray placed on disabled list (minimum 7 days)
08/31/10 Drese, Ryan signed
08/27/10 Hernandez, Johnny placed on inactive list
08/27/10 Otanez, Willis reinstated to active list
08/24/10 Diaz, Joselo signed
08/23/10 Davis, Kane reinstated to active list
08/23/10 Otanez, Willis placed on inactive list
08/23/10 Cepeda, Benny released
08/23/10 Otanez, Willis signed
08/13/10 Cepeda, Benny reinstated to active list
08/13/10 Mohr, Dustan placed on inactive list
08/09/10 Martin, Adrian sold to
08/06/10 Guerrero, Julio released
08/06/10 Gathright, Joey signed
08/04/10 Wells, Kip placed on inactive list
08/04/10 Keisler, Randy signed
08/03/10 Cepeda, Benny placed on inactive list
08/03/10 Maldonado, Ivan reinstated to active list
08/03/10 Martin, Adrian signed
08/03/10 Francia, Juan traded to Camden Riversharks for a player to be named later
07/30/10 Jennings, Todd released
07/30/10 Hunt, Bridger reinstated to active list
07/27/10 Hunt, Bridger placed on inactive list
07/27/10 Padgett, Matt reinstated to active list
07/26/10 Cancel, Robinson reinstated to active list
07/26/10 Hampson, Justin released
07/22/10 Jennings, Todd acquired in trade from Newark Bears
07/22/10 Cancel, Robinson placed on inactive list
07/20/10 Norderum, Jason released
07/20/10 Cepeda, Benny signed
07/16/10 Guerrero, Julio reinstated to active list
07/16/10 Quinn, Jamie released
07/14/10 Guerrero, Julio placed on inactive list
07/14/10 McCoy, Chris signed
07/13/10 Wells, Kip signed
07/13/10 Hampson, Justin signed
07/13/10 Simas, Bill signed
07/13/10 Gamble, Jerome placed on inactive list
07/13/10 Bauer, Rick released
07/13/10 Esposito, Joe sold to
07/08/10 Davis, Kane placed on inactive list
07/08/10 Colina, Javier signed
07/01/10 Maldonado, Ivan placed on inactive list
07/01/10 Harang, Daryl signed
06/25/10 Jackson, Kyle acquired in trade from Bridgeport Bluefish
06/18/10 Quinn, Jamie activated
06/18/10 Ponson, Sidney placed on inactive list
06/18/10 Diaz, Joselo placed on inactive list Purchased by Monterrey
06/13/10 Gomez, Ricardo signed
06/13/10 White, Bill released
06/13/10 Quinn, Jamie placed on inactive list
06/13/10 Cancel, Robinson activated
06/11/10 Padgett, Matt placed on inactive list
06/10/10 Quinn, Jamie activated
06/10/10 Cancel, Robinson placed on inactive list
06/02/10 Guerrero, Julio signed
05/25/10 Hunt, Bridger signed
05/25/10 Suarez, Gabe released
05/17/10 Pavkovich, Adam placed on inactive list
05/17/10 Valentine, Joe placed on inactive list
05/13/10 Pennino, Tom traded to Newark Bears for a player to be named later
05/08/10 Rodriguez, John signed
04/22/10 Monaghan, Brendan signed