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Lakeshore Chinooks - Transactions


07/22/15 Hoffman, Chris waived
07/11/15 Hicks, Christian waived
07/11/15 Sveum, Rustin waived
07/11/15 Fiala, Kyle waived
07/11/15 Devall, Hunter waived
07/09/15 Keller, Brian waived
07/09/15 Mason, Weston waived
07/03/15 Rzucidlo, Aaron waived
06/30/15 Koerner, Sterling waived
06/30/15 Downs, Gavin waived
06/28/15 Hessemer, Kody waived
06/27/15 Wood, Kyle waived
06/25/15 Murray, Shea waived
06/25/15 Letkewicz, Mike waived
06/24/15 Scholtens, Jesse waived
06/24/15 Heidenfelder, Adam waived
06/18/15 Dale, Chandler waived
06/18/15 Kolasinski, Jake waived
06/12/15 Langley, Justin waived
06/10/15 Rodriguez, Rich waived
06/08/15 Burum, Sam waived
06/05/15 Leiderman, David waived