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Sioux City Explorers - Transactions


10/23/12 Correa, Aaron traded to Winnipeg Goldeyes
10/22/12 Bisenius, Mike released
10/22/12 Bisenius, Mike released
10/22/12 Glynn, Geno released
10/22/12 Lukanen, Chuck released
10/22/12 Correa, Aaron released
10/22/12 Allen, Colin released
09/25/12 Bodishbaugh, Chris acquired in trade from Winnipeg Goldeyes
09/05/12 Frisbee, James released
09/05/12 Frisbee, James released
08/21/12 Allen, Colin acquired in trade from El Paso Diablos
08/17/12 Sanchez, Kris traded to Kansas City T-Bones
08/15/12 Bodishbaugh, Chris traded to Winnipeg Goldeyes
08/08/12 Quijano, Alain traded to Grand Prairie AirHogs
08/05/12 Delacruz, Eddie released
07/23/12 Goodro, Tyler traded to Amarillo Sox
07/08/12 Lukanen, Chuck acquired in trade from Gary SouthShore RailCats
06/22/12 Lang, Michael sold to Arizona Diamondbacks
06/17/12 Whieldon, Max released
06/14/12 Goodro, Tyler released
05/25/12 Glantz, Michael released
05/15/12 Wilde, Bryan released
05/15/12 Allen, Lyle released
05/15/12 Mansilla, Matt released
05/15/12 Holleran, Garret released
05/15/12 Correa, Aaron released
03/14/12 Jones, Dustin released
03/14/12 Davis, Aljay released
03/14/12 Sakamoto, Kent released
02/09/12 Bailey, Griffin traded to Grand Prairie AirHogs
02/08/12 King, Taylor released
02/08/12 Schermerhorn, Derek released
02/08/12 Bohn, TJ released
01/20/12 Fruto, Emiliano released
01/18/12 Cowart, Alex released
12/20/11 Fryer, Brian traded to Laredo Lemurs
12/19/11 Cowart, Alex acquired in trade from Laredo Lemurs
12/13/11 Snowdon, Andrew released