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Florence Freedom - Transactions


08/17/10 Passerelle, Andrew released
08/17/10 Moya, Maxwell released
08/10/10 Holloway, Justin signed
08/01/10 Banes, Bryan released
07/29/10 Sanders, Matt signed
07/28/10 Whittaker, Kevin signed
07/28/10 Rose, Patrick signed
07/28/10 Cohen, Brandon signed
07/22/10 Mehlich, Mikey signed
07/17/10 Moore, Ryan signed
07/17/10 Lydon, Sean signed
07/09/10 Wiley, Sam signed
07/07/10 Bridges, Austin released
07/07/10 Antos, Matthew signed
06/24/10 Arballo, Julian signed
06/23/10 Aspaas, Cameron signed
06/18/10 Baker, Jimmy signed