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Evansville Otters - Transactions


01/08/21 Adams, Jacob released
01/06/21 Delgado, Casey released
01/06/21 Beyer, Drew released
12/14/20 Lewis, Justin signed
11/18/20 Amicangelo, Anthony signed
11/17/20 Cullen, Hunter traded to outside league Gary SouthShore RailCats
04/30/20 Hatcher, Cayden signed
04/24/20 Long, Ryan traded to outside league Lincoln (American Association)
04/10/20 Cronin, David signed
03/13/20 Rizzitello, Mike released
03/13/20 Held, Sam signed
03/10/20 Beardsley, Tyler signed
03/06/20 Holdgrafer, Tim signed
03/04/20 Held, Sam acquired in trade from outside league Sioux C (American Association)
02/19/20 Fernandez, Andrew signed
02/18/20 Delgado, Casey signed
02/18/20 Grieshaber, Keith signed
02/17/20 Beyer, Drew signed
02/17/20 Ramos, Mauricio signed
02/17/20 De La Calle, Danny acquired in trade from outside league Gary (American Association)
02/11/20 Lane, Taylor traded to Joliet Slammers
02/10/20 MacNamee, Elijah signed
02/07/20 Anderson, Marty signed
02/05/20 Wetrich, Tanner signed
02/04/20 Adams, Jacob signed
02/03/20 Phillips, Dakota signed
02/03/20 Arias, Anthony signed
01/30/20 Pastora, Steve signed
01/30/20 Cullen, Hunter signed
01/29/20 Norkus, Trace signed
01/28/20 Lewis, Justin signed
01/25/20 Gangwish, Michael signed
01/25/20 Lang, Neil signed
01/23/20 Gould, J.J. released
01/21/20 Meggs, Jack released
01/14/20 McQuary, Denver signed
01/14/20 Cronin, Matt signed
01/14/20 Rodriguez, JC signed
01/14/20 Jones, Wesley signed
01/14/20 Schultz, John signed
01/07/20 Calabrese, Rob traded to Windy City ThunderBolts
12/10/19 Schulz, Nick signed
11/29/19 Sittinger, Brandyn sold to Arizona Diamondbacks (NL)
11/25/19 DeJesus, Andy signed
11/23/19 Schulz, Nick acquired in trade from outside league Lincoln (American Association)
11/20/19 Vail, Tyler signed
10/29/19 Long, Ryan acquired in trade from outside league Somerset (Atlantic League)
10/22/19 DeJesus, Andy acquired in trade from outside league Gary (American Association)