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Springfield Sliders - Transactions


06/14/19 Surin, Ryan released
06/14/19 Schad, Weston released
06/14/19 Ugarte, Andres released
06/11/19 Larson, Stephen released
06/04/19 Moore, Jonah signed
05/30/19 Thompson, Colton signed
05/27/19 DeYoung, Nate signed
05/27/19 Meyer, Bryce released
05/21/19 Coon, Mason signed
05/20/19 Haydak, Michael signed
05/20/19 Zenner, Andrew signed
05/17/19 Zeeveld, Nick released
05/15/19 Forbrick, Eric signed
05/06/19 Ugarte, Andres signed
04/30/19 Parks, Michael signed
03/15/19 Lebron, Jeremiah released