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CHL 2005/2006

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03/24/06 Wells, Jeff (D) signed contract
03/23/06 Bain, Chris (LW) placed on league suspension for 10 games
03/17/06 Coutu, Justin (D) placed on season ending IR
03/11/06 Bain, Chris (LW) activated from suspension
03/09/06 Bain, Chris (LW) placed on league suspension for 1 games
02/17/06 Silverstone, David (LW) activated from IR
02/17/06 Terry, Drew (D) signed contract
02/17/06 Katz, Noah (C) waived
02/17/06 Hartinger, Vladimir (D) activated from IR
02/17/06 Bain, Chris (LW) signed contract
02/15/06 OSullivan, Mike (F) waived
02/13/06 Bain, Chris (LW) acquired in trade from Wichita
02/13/06 Nahirniak, Andrew (D) traded to Wichita
02/10/06 Davis, Bobby (C) signed contract
02/08/06 Davis, Bobby (C) acquired in trade from Rio Grande Valley
02/08/06 DeCecco, Bret (RW) activated from IR
02/08/06 DeCecco, Bret (RW) traded to Rio Grande Valley
02/03/06 Nicholson, Chad (LW) signed contract
02/03/06 Nicholson, Chad (LW) placed on 45 day IR
02/02/06 Hennes, Ty (F) activated from IR
01/31/06 Martin, Andrew (G) signed contract
01/31/06 Davidson, Chris (G) waived
01/27/06 Martin, Andrew (G) claimed off waivers
01/21/06 Katz, Noah (C) signed contract
01/21/06 DeCecco, Bret (RW) placed on 14-day IR
01/21/06 Hartinger, Vladimir (D) placed on 14-day IR
01/20/06 Seal, Derek (F) placed on 45 day IR
01/10/06 Fairbarn, Ryan (D) signed contract
01/09/06 Coughlin, Matt (D) traded to Wichita
01/09/06 Fairbarn, Ryan (D) acquired in trade from Wichita
01/06/06 Hennes, Ty (F) placed on 14-day IR
01/06/06 Brand, Konrad (D) activated from leave by league
01/05/06 Kirby, Mike (D) waived
01/03/06 OSullivan, Mike (F) activated from leave by league
12/31/05 Courtemanche, Jason (D) waived
12/30/05 OSullivan, Mike (F) granted leave by league
12/30/05 Kirby, Mike (D) signed contract
12/28/05 Courtemanche, Jason (D) signed contract
12/26/05 Brand, Konrad (D) granted leave by league
12/21/05 McLaughlin, Beau (RW) signed contract
12/16/05 Mason, Wes (LW) activated from IR
12/16/05 Willers, Greg (D) waived
12/16/05 McLaughlin, Beau (RW) waived
12/16/05 Seal, Derek (F) activated from IR
12/16/05 Coutu, Justin (D) activated from IR
12/09/05 Silverstone, David (LW) placed on 45 day IR
12/07/05 Affinati, Chris (F) waived
12/07/05 Nahirniak, Andrew (D) signed contract
12/03/05 Affinati, Chris (F) signed contract
12/03/05 Hyman, Dion (D) traded to Corpus Christi
12/03/05 Hyman, Dion (D) activated from suspension
12/02/05 Affinati, Chris (F) waived
12/02/05 Hartinger, Vladimir (D) activated from leave by league
12/02/05 Mason, Wes (LW) placed on 14-day IR
12/02/05 OSullivan, Mike (F) activated from IR
11/29/05 Coutu, Justin (D) placed on 14-day IR
11/29/05 Coutu, Justin (D) activated from IR
11/29/05 Edwards, Ryan (D) waived
11/26/05 Affinati, Chris (F) signed contract
11/26/05 Affinati, Chris (F) acquired in trade from Oklahoma City
11/25/05 Seal, Derek (F) placed on 14-day IR
11/22/05 Gibson, Keni (G) placed on team suspension
11/22/05 Davidson, Chris (G) signed contract
11/22/05 Edwards, Ryan (D) signed contract
11/18/05 Coughlin, Matt (D) activated from leave by league
11/18/05 Hyman, Dion (D) placed on team suspension
11/17/05 OSullivan, Mike (F) placed on 14-day IR
11/17/05 McLaughlin, Beau (RW) signed contract
11/16/05 Coughlin, Matt (D) granted leave by league
11/12/05 Coutu, Justin (D) placed on 14-day IR
10/28/05 Sokol, Jimmy (F) signed contract
10/26/05 Hartinger, Vladimir (D) granted leave by league