Chizzlers ( Div B )

  Team Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Games (PTS) Dates
Dustin Cameron7(24) 09/20/17 -> 11/22/17
Coleman Young7(11) 10/27/17 -> 02/22/18
Graham Klassen7(8) 01/03/18 -> ...
Kolten Fyfe6(22) 10/27/17 -> 12/18/17
Chris Thorimbert6(14) 09/20/17 -> 10/31/17
Colin Martinka6(12) 12/18/17 -> 01/25/18
Jared Houseman6(11) 10/31/17 -> 11/22/17
Allen Enns6(8) 10/09/17 -> 12/18/17
Scott Salamon5(12) 10/15/17 -> 12/11/17
Kyle Bailey5(6) 10/15/17 -> 11/09/17
Most PTS in a Game
Player PTS Game
Kolten Fyfe8(11/22/17) at Dazed and Confused
Dustin Cameron7(11/01/17) at Flyers
Scott Salamon6(11/22/17) at Dazed and Confused
Dustin Cameron6(11/22/17) at Dazed and Confused
Kolten Fyfe5(11/01/17) at Flyers
Jordan Braid5(01/14/18) at Dazed and Confused
Chris Thorimbert5(10/31/17) at A.M. Lumber
Several Tied At4
Most Goals in a Game
Player Goals Game
Kolten Fyfe4(11/01/17) at Flyers
Lynden Proctor3(02/07/18) at Timberwolves
Ryan Dickson3(01/25/18) at Poly Plus Beavers
Jared Houseman3(01/11/18) at Timberwolves
Dustin Cameron3(11/01/17) at Flyers
Kolten Fyfe3(01/11/18) at Timberwolves
Kolten Fyfe3(11/22/17) at Dazed and Confused
Chris Thorimbert3(11/22/17) at Dazed and Confused
Dustin Cameron3(11/22/17) at Dazed and Confused
Colin Martinka3(10/27/17) at Poly Plus Beavers
Most Assists in a Game
Player Assists Game
Kolten Fyfe5(11/22/17) at Dazed and Confused
Dustin Cameron4(11/01/17) at Flyers
Scott Salamon4(11/22/17) at Dazed and Confused
Kyle Bailey4(11/22/17) at Dazed and Confused
Several Tied At3
Most PIM in a Game
Player PIM Game
Jared Houseman18(10/25/17) vs Hustlers
Karl Shafer15(11/09/17) at Redeyes
Trevor Evans15(11/09/17) at Redeyes
Scott Salamon10(01/11/18) at Timberwolves
Jared Houseman6(10/31/17) at A.M. Lumber
Colin Martinka6(02/01/18) vs Thirsty Dozen
Several Tied At4