The Andrew Lawds ( Div 2 )

  Team Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Games (PTS) Dates
Ryan Dimillo7(16) 06/26/16 -> ...
Connor Cobbold6(7) 06/26/16 -> ...
Wyatt Parsons5(6) 06/26/16 -> 07/07/16
Troy Hass4(11) 06/26/16 -> ...
Tom Green3(3) 06/07/16 -> 06/20/16
Kevin Groulx2(8) 07/11/16 -> ...
Kevin Groulx2(4) 06/28/16 -> 07/04/16
Nathan Macinnes2(4) 06/20/16 -> 06/26/16
Kevin Groulx2(3) 05/26/16 -> 06/02/16
Reid Murphy2(2) 06/13/16 -> ...
Most PTS in a Game
Player PTS Game
Darious Gibson7(07/11/16) vs Polanco Furniture
Kevin Groulx5(07/11/16) vs Polanco Furniture
Troy Hass4(07/07/16) vs Cougar Patrol
Ryan Dimillo4(07/11/16) vs Polanco Furniture
Several Tied At3
Most Goals in a Game
Player Goals Game
Darious Gibson4(07/11/16) vs Polanco Furniture
Troy Hass3(06/26/16) at The Dirty Anglers
Troy Hass3(07/07/16) vs Cougar Patrol
Kevin Groulx3(07/11/16) vs Polanco Furniture
Kevin Groulx2(07/04/16) at Ottawa Puppy Litter
Ryan Dimillo2(07/18/16) at Festerin Hasbeens
Troy Hass2(05/26/16) vs #Twoopers
Troy Hass2(07/18/16) at Festerin Hasbeens
Several Tied At1
Most Assists in a Game
Player Assists Game
Ryan Dimillo3(07/11/16) vs Polanco Furniture
Darious Gibson3(07/11/16) vs Polanco Furniture
Ryan Dimillo2(07/07/16) vs Cougar Patrol
Kevin Groulx2(07/18/16) at Festerin Hasbeens
Nathan Macinnes2(06/26/16) at The Dirty Anglers
Kevin Groulx2(07/11/16) vs Polanco Furniture
Ryan Dimillo2(06/26/16) at The Dirty Anglers
Jake Sloan2(06/28/16) at BREWins
Several Tied At1
Most PIM in a Game
Player PIM Game
Matt Dimillo17(06/02/16) vs Cougar Patrol
Kevin Groulx10(06/28/16) at BREWins
Eric Goodwin9(06/02/16) vs Cougar Patrol
Troy Hass7(06/02/16) vs Cougar Patrol
Eric Goodwin6(06/20/16) vs Festerin Hasbeens
Kevin Groulx6(06/20/16) vs Festerin Hasbeens
Several Tied At3