Divisions League Message

AV - Active Volunteer
IJ - In House Under 18
DJ - Junior Developmental Player
DS - Senior Development Player
RS - Senior Referee/Linesman
AS - Assisted Regional 18 Plus
IS - Senior Player GSHL or IHL
NPOJ - Junior Non Playing Official
RJ - Junior Referee/Linesman
AJ - Assisted Regional Under 18
ITPS - First Year ITC Player
NPOS - Senior Non Playing Official
OT - Old Timers
PJ - Junior Player
PS - Senior Player
AM - Active Member
CS - Senior Coach
LM - Life Member
CAS - Come and Try
DU9 - Development Players Under 9
SJ Summer Juniors
SS Summer Seniors
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League Facilities
Online entry arena Iceland Bundall
Online entry arena Iceworld Acacia Ridge

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