Divisions League Message

Monday B1
Tuesday C2
Tuesday C3
Wednesday B2
Wed/Thurs B3
Wed/Thurs B4
Wed/Thurs C1
Fri/Sat C4
Fri/Sat C5
Fri/Sat C6
Fri/Sat C7
Saturday D1
Saturday D2
Over 40 Rec
Sunday C3
Sunday C4

We strive to provide a sportsmanlike, competitive and fun environment for all participants.  Violence, hate and racism will not be tolerated.

Visit https://www.icecentrehockey.com for the latest news in the league.

  • Registration for Summer is still open.  Visit the Adult Hockey home page above for additional details or to register
League Facilities
Terminal rink Ice Centre at The Promenade

 League Schedule

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 Contact Information

Ice Centre Adult Hockey League
• 303-469-2100 ex.231
• 303-460-1352 fax