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Sasktel Centre Hockey League
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SCHL (Winter 2018/19)

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Division B
Division C
Division D

2022-23 Season

Sign In Sheets 

---will only include players your team registered as "full time" or "spares"

---Teams can use any player/goalie registered on another teams CARHA insurance

---when making any changes with CARHA, also send player names to the league

---when adding new players to CARHA, ensure you are emailing or calling them, DO NOT use login from the start of the season



---all players must have matching jerseys. A team cannot have 5 different jersey colors for a game. This will result in th refs declaring a forfeit

---teams also need to ensure they have a home and away jersey, in the event a situation arises where both teams have the same color on. Refs again have the discretion to forfeit the game



---is posted to Feb 20th



Final CARHA Player Registration-----March 6th----Teams will no longer beable to add or delete players after this date---this is also a league imposed deadline and not associated with CARHA

Playoffs---TBA---Double elimination

League Facilities
Terminal rink Sasktel Centre - Saskatoon

 League Schedule

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(division and team schedules available further in stats section)
 Contact Information

Sasktel Centre Hockey League
• 306-380-1756
• 306-975-2907 fax