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TRH League (TRH Summer 2017)

 Divisions League Message

Tin Monday
Gold Monday
Copper Tuesday
Foil Wednesday
Foil Thursday
Tin Wednesday
30+ Sunday
Foil Sunday

PLEASE NOTE: Schedules are tentative. For accurate updates Total Roller Hockey advises that players refer to My-SAM. A link can be found through our website at www.totalrollerhockey.com by clicking on "schedules".

Also note that playoff brackets can ONLY be found through pointstreak. Playoff schedules cannot be viewed through your My-SAM log in and you will not receive emailed game reminders.

For any statistic related questions/concerns please email stats@totalsportscomplex.com.

League Facilities
Terminal rink JCC Inline Hockey Center
Laptop rink Total Sports Complex

 League Schedule

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(division and team schedules available further in stats section)
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