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AC's Superleague
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ACSL (Winter 2014)

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AC 2014-2015

Welcome to the AC''s Superleague: 

Website -- www.acsuperleague.com (access league sponsors, schedule, pics, and paypal link for membership dues $310 (total league cost will be $395 per player if paid after Sept 15th)

League Details - Sept 18th - March 2015 (4-team playoff - finals are a best of 3 series) - Winning team receives 1/3 off 2015 dues, top points plays for free in 2015, 2nd points receives 1/2 off 2015, other incentives tbd!

1st League party is scheduled for October 27th, directly after games at 5th Avenue in Royal Oak.

All questions / requests -- direct to acsuperleague@gmail.com  

League Facilities
Online entry arena Logitech Ice arena
Laptop rink Troy Sports Center
Laptop rink Viking Arena
Online entry arena Vision Sports Center

 League Schedule

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AC's Superleague