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ASHL Fleetwood
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ASHL Fleetwood (Winter 2003/2004)


 Divisions League Message

CHL Division 3C (30+)
CHL Division 4D (30+)
All league fees must be brought in line with the payment schedule. If league fees are not current, teams will be locked out until the fees are current.

Payment plan was as follows:

Registration fee: $1000.00
September 30th: $2000.00
November 30th: $2606.70
January 30th: $2000.00

Playoffs will be posted to the site within the next week.

Information will be forthcoming with regard to the regional playoffs that will be held in late April at Burnaby.

National championships will be held in Montreal May 20-22 inclusive.
League Facilities
Online entry arena Ice Sports - Fleetwood

 League Schedule

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 Contact Information

ASHL Fleetwood
• (604) 501-5859