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Northwood School Invitational Hockey Tournament
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Northwood (30th Northwood Inv)


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Tournament Message
30th Annual Northwood Invitational
                    January 23-25, 2009

Tournament Rules and Regulations
1. Game Format:   
• 5 minute warm-up (Pucks will be supplied)
• 2-25 Minute stop time halves
• Ice cut between halves
• Teams will defend the same end for both halves
(Please have your team ready to go on the ice 15 minutes prior to game time.)

2. N.C.A.A. Rules:   
• All NCAA rules are in effect except for the NCAA dress rule, which will be waived for the tournament.  NCAA face-off rules, as well as the NCAA icing rule will be used during the tournament.  For rule clarifications go to the NCAA Rules Website -
3. Fighting:    

4. When a team trails by 5 or more goals with 17 minutes left in the game, there will be
running time for the remainder of the game.
5. Team in bold on the schedule is the home team and they must wear white
6. Overtime will only be played on Sunday in the semifinals and championship games.
7. Teams are allowed one 60 second time-out per game.
8. Teams are not allowed to warm-up a goalie at any time during the game if a goaltending switch has been made, even if a timeout is taken.
9. Semifinal and Championship games ONLY!  In the event of a tie game, a 1 minute rest will be followed by a 5 minute 5 on 5 sudden victory overtime period.  If after the first overtime the game is still tied, there will be another 1 minute rest and then the second overtime sudden victory period will be 4 on 4 for 5 minutes.  If still tied after the second overtime, we will move to 3 on 3 sudden death hockey for 5 minutes.   This format of 3 on 3 will be used until a winner is declared.
10. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LOCKS for locker rooms during each game. 

Division Winners -Tie Breaker
The top two teams with the most points from each division will move onto the semifinal round. In the case of a tie in team standings (total points) after the divisional play is completed, the following shall be the tie-breaking procedure:

1. Total Points: 2 pts for a win, 1 pt for tie, 0 points for a loss
2. Head to Head
3. Fewest goals allowed common opponents
4. Fewest goals allowed all opponents
5. Best plus minus against common opponents (maximum +5 for any game)
6. Best plus minus against all opponents (maximum +5 for any game)
7. Total points accumulated by opponents played
8. Coin Flip

#2,3,5: All teams must have played head to head or against same common opponent for that particular criteria to be used.
Tournament Committee decisions are final.  Members include: Tom Broderick (Northwood School), Josh LeRoy (Northwood School),
Butch Martin (Head Official), Tom Fleming (Northwood School)
**An E.M.T. supplied by ORDA will be on hand for any medical emergencies. **

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 Tournament games for Today

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 Recent Games
Div Home Away Date Time Rink/GS GT
DIV 1 Northwood Jr 5 Wyoming Seminary 1 Sun, Jan 25 2:20 pm final
DIV 1 Northwood Jr 7 Philly Jr Flyers 0 Sun, Jan 25 9:00 am final
DIV 2 Boston Jr Rangers 2 Wyoming Seminary 3 Sun, Jan 25 9:00 am final
DIV 2 Boston Jr Rangers 6 Oakland Jr Grizzlies 3 Sat, Jan 24 8:30 pm final
DIV 2 NE Jr Falcons 2 Philly Jr Flyers 4 Sat, Jan 24 6:33 pm final
DIV 2 CEGEP Saint Foy 0 St. Francis 3 Sat, Jan 24 6:15 pm final
DIV 1 Hitmen U19 1 Bridgton Academy 5 Sat, Jan 24 4:45 pm final
DIV 2 Hoosac School 2 NSA 1 Sat, Jan 24 4:13 pm final
DIV 2 Buffalo Regals U18 3 Stanstead College 1 Sat, Jan 24 4:12 pm final
DIV 2 Oakland Jr Grizzlies 2 St. Francis 6 Sat, Jan 24 2:43 pm final