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Capital Recreation Hockey League
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CRHL (Summer Playoffs 2015)

Division 6

Team Records
Longest Win Streak
Team Games Dates
Cougar Bait507/20/15 -> 08/17/15
The Avengers508/11/15 -> ...
Barriere Lake Thunder308/06/15 -> 08/13/15
Toe Dragons308/05/15 -> 08/18/15
Gordon Bombays All Stars307/23/15 -> 08/10/15
Highlanders207/30/15 -> 08/06/15
The Untouchables207/28/15 -> ...
Toe Dragons207/20/15 -> 07/23/15
Longest Non-Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Barriere Lake Thunder507/28/15 -> 08/13/15
The Avengers508/11/15 -> ...
Cougar Bait507/20/15 -> 08/17/15
Gordon Bombays All Stars307/23/15 -> 08/10/15
Toe Dragons308/05/15 -> 08/18/15
Highlanders307/28/15 -> 08/06/15
Longest Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Team Door Doctor407/20/15 -> ...
Highlanders208/11/15 -> ...
Scrat207/28/15 -> 08/05/15
The Avengers207/30/15 -> 08/06/15
The Defectors207/28/15 -> ...
The Untouchables207/20/15 -> 07/23/15
The XBunnies208/05/15 -> ...
Toe Dragons208/19/15 -> ...
Largest Winning Margin
Team Margin Game
Cougar Bait8(08/04/15) Cougar Bait 10 at The Defectors 2
The Avengers8(08/19/15) Toe Dragons 1 at The Avengers 9
Blizzards5(07/28/15) Blizzards 6 at The Defectors 1
Gordon Bombays All Stars5(08/10/15) Team Door Doctor 3 at Gordon Bombays All Stars 8
Gordon Bombays All Stars4(08/06/15) Blizzards 0 at Gordon Bombays All Stars 4
The Defectors4(07/23/15) Team Door Doctor 0 at The Defectors 4
The Avengers4(08/17/15) The Avengers 5 at Barriere Lake Thunder 1
Scrat4(07/20/15) Scrat 5 at The Defectors 1
Most Goals For
Team GF Game
Cougar Bait10(08/04/15) Cougar Bait 10 at The Defectors 2
Highlanders9(07/30/15) The Avengers 7 at Highlanders 9
The Avengers9(08/19/15) Toe Dragons 1 at The Avengers 9
Gordon Bombays All Stars8(08/10/15) Team Door Doctor 3 at Gordon Bombays All Stars 8
The Avengers7(08/11/15) Marlborough Marlies 6 at The Avengers 7
The Avengers7(07/30/15) The Avengers 7 at Highlanders 9
Most PIM
Team PIM Game
The XBunnies39(08/05/15) The XBunnies 5 at The Untouchables 6
The Defectors32(07/20/15) Scrat 5 at The Defectors 1
Gordon Bombays All Stars31(07/20/15) Gordon Bombays All Stars 1 at Toe Dragons 3
Toe Dragons24(08/20/15) The Avengers 6 at Toe Dragons 4
Barriere Lake Thunder23(08/17/15) The Avengers 5 at Barriere Lake Thunder 1
Gordon Bombays All Stars21(08/16/15) Gordon Bombays All Stars 4 at Toe Dragons 5
Barriere Lake Thunder18(08/11/15) Barriere Lake Thunder 5 at Highlanders 4
Toe Dragons18(08/16/15) Gordon Bombays All Stars 4 at Toe Dragons 5
Toe Dragons18(08/05/15) Scrat 2 at Toe Dragons 4
Toe Dragons18(07/20/15) Gordon Bombays All Stars 1 at Toe Dragons 3
Division Player Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Team Games PTS) Dates
Tristan SabourinThe Avengers8(15) 07/28/15 -> ...
Jamie MolinskiThe Avengers7(24) 07/30/15 -> ...
Zack RheaumeThe Avengers7(17) 07/28/15 -> ...
Yancy DuskyBarriere Lake Thunder5(10) 07/28/15 -> 08/13/15
Jason MooreMarlborough Marlies5(9) 07/28/15 -> ...
Chris WheelerScrat5(7) 07/20/15 -> ...
Matt HudsonHighlanders5(7) 07/28/15 -> ...
Mitch KerwinCougar Bait4(11) 07/20/15 -> 08/04/15
John DunnGordon Bombays All Stars4(9) 07/23/15 -> ...
Paul DolanGordon Bombays All Stars4(7) 07/23/15 -> ...
Chris HoopleGordon Bombays All Stars4(6) 07/20/15 -> 08/10/15
Dakota MitchelBarriere Lake Thunder4(6) 08/06/15 -> ...
Jordan WilliamsonGordon Bombays All Stars4(5) 07/23/15 -> ...
Brad MooreGordon Bombays All Stars4(4) 07/23/15 -> ...
Martin SchoutenGordon Bombays All Stars4(4) 07/20/15 -> 08/10/15
Most PTS in a Game
Player Team PTS Game
Matt SoubliereCougar Bait5(08/04/15) at The Defectors
Jamie MolinskiThe Avengers5(07/30/15) at Highlanders
Jamie MolinskiThe Avengers5(08/19/15) vs Toe Dragons
Zack RheaumeThe Avengers5(08/19/15) vs Toe Dragons
Cameron DortCougar Bait5(08/04/15) at The Defectors
Most Goals in a Game
Player Team Goals Game
Corey LatchfordBlizzards4(07/28/15) at The Defectors
Dustin SlegtenhorstToe Dragons3(08/16/15) vs Gordon Bombays All Stars
Zack RheaumeThe Avengers3(08/19/15) vs Toe Dragons
Jamie MolinskiThe Avengers3(08/19/15) vs Toe Dragons
Stephen CroleyCougar Bait3(08/04/15) at The Defectors
Zack RheaumeThe Avengers3(08/20/15) at Toe Dragons
Jason CowenMarlborough Marlies3(08/11/15) at The Avengers
Tristan SabourinThe Avengers3(08/11/15) vs Marlborough Marlies
Most Assists in a Game
Player Team Assists Game
Cameron DortCougar Bait4(08/04/15) at The Defectors
Matt SoubliereCougar Bait4(08/04/15) at The Defectors
Josh Hulley-CarrollThe Untouchables3(08/05/15) vs The XBunnies
Graeme BellThe XBunnies3(08/05/15) at The Untouchables
Mitch KerwinCougar Bait3(07/23/15) vs The XBunnies
Jamie MolinskiThe Avengers3(07/30/15) at Highlanders
Cameron DortCougar Bait3(07/20/15) vs Team Door Doctor
Chad RobillardHighlanders3(07/30/15) vs The Avengers
Most PIM in a Game
Player Team PIM Game
James PollockThe XBunnies30(08/05/15) at The Untouchables
Jim NottawayBarriere Lake Thunder17(08/17/15) vs The Avengers
Robbie ForguesThe Defectors17(07/20/15) vs Scrat
Brad MooreGordon Bombays All Stars13(07/20/15) at Toe Dragons
Andrew JeannotteBarriere Lake Thunder9(08/11/15) at Highlanders
Pat NicholasToe Dragons9(08/19/15) at The Avengers
Mike WarnerToe Dragons9(08/05/15) vs Scrat
Pat NicholasToe Dragons9(08/16/15) vs Gordon Bombays All Stars
Division Goalie Records
Goalie Win Streaks
Goalie Team Games Dates
Nick FinnochioCougar Bait507/20/15 -> 08/17/15
Kenny NicolsThe Avengers408/11/15 -> ...
Jim NottawayBarriere Lake Thunder308/06/15 -> 08/13/15
Jeff LapenseeToe Dragons308/05/15 -> 08/18/15
Sean KulikGordon Bombays All Stars307/23/15 -> 08/10/15
Zach BousquetHighlanders207/30/15 -> 08/06/15
Jeff LapenseeToe Dragons207/20/15 -> 07/23/15
Pat MeelkerThe Untouchables207/28/15 -> ...