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Hockey Company of Michigan
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HCOMI (Fall/Winter 12/13)

Fall/Winter 12/13

Team Records
Longest Win Streak
Team Games Dates
Tech Bench809/12/12 -> 10/10/12
The Well610/28/12 -> 11/18/12
Tepato Systems501/02/13 -> 01/16/13
Morgan Stanley411/18/12 -> 12/02/12
Motor City402/13/13 -> 02/24/13
Tech Bench301/20/13 -> 01/27/13
Tepato Systems302/06/13 -> 02/13/13
Motor City301/23/13 -> 01/30/13
NorthPoint Heart301/13/13 -> 01/20/13
Morgan Stanley302/20/13 -> ...
Longest Non-Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Motor City1111/28/12 -> 01/09/13
Tepato Systems1112/05/12 -> 01/16/13
Tech Bench809/12/12 -> 10/10/12
The Well610/28/12 -> 11/18/12
Tepato Systems601/23/13 -> 02/13/13
NorthPoint Heart510/10/12 -> 10/24/12
Morgan Stanley411/18/12 -> 12/02/12
Motor City410/10/12 -> 10/21/12
Motor City402/13/13 -> 02/24/13
Morgan Stanley410/17/12 -> 10/28/12
Longest Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
NorthPoint Heart709/12/12 -> 10/07/12
Tepato Systems610/28/12 -> 11/18/12
Morgan Stanley501/13/13 -> 01/27/13
Morgan Stanley512/05/12 -> 12/19/12
NorthPoint Heart401/23/13 -> 02/06/13
Largest Winning Margin
Team Margin Game
Tech Bench8(11/11/12) Tech Bench 10 at Motor City 2
Tepato Systems8(10/07/12) Motor City 4 at Tepato Systems 12
Tepato Systems7(12/09/12) Tech Bench 2 at Tepato Systems 9
Most Goals For
Team GF Game
Tepato Systems12(10/07/12) Motor City 4 at Tepato Systems 12
Tech Bench10(11/11/12) Tech Bench 10 at Motor City 2
Tepato Systems10(10/24/12) Tepato Systems 10 at Motor City 8
Most PIM
Team PIM Game
Morgan Stanley23(11/25/12) Morgan Stanley 6 at Motor City 3
Tepato Systems19(12/09/12) Tech Bench 2 at Tepato Systems 9
Tech Bench18(12/09/12) Tech Bench 2 at Tepato Systems 9
Motor City17(11/25/12) Morgan Stanley 6 at Motor City 3
Tech Bench16(09/26/12) Tech Bench 6 at The Well 3
Tepato Systems16(01/13/13) Morgan Stanley 2 at Tepato Systems 3
The Well16(09/26/12) Tech Bench 6 at The Well 3
NorthPoint Heart16(02/06/13) NorthPoint Heart 4 at Tech Bench 6
NorthPoint Heart16(12/12/12) Tepato Systems 4 at NorthPoint Heart 3
Division Player Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Team Games PTS) Dates
Rick MerrittMorgan Stanley20(58) 09/05/12 -> 12/09/12
Kevin HomerMorgan Stanley20(39) 09/19/12 -> 12/16/12
Mike GoleniakMotor City19(49) 11/04/12 -> 01/16/13
Dale GarrettTech Bench19(47) 12/09/12 -> 02/24/13
Eric WalstromNorthPoint Heart19(44) 10/24/12 -> 01/20/13
Matt SpringerTepato Systems19(34) 11/28/12 -> 02/20/13
Joel HerbstMorgan Stanley17(36) 10/24/12 -> 01/06/13
Rick MerrittMorgan Stanley15(40) 12/16/12 -> ...
Jim SommervilleThe Well14(31) 11/28/12 -> 01/20/13
Jake CooleyTech Bench14(30) 09/05/12 -> 10/24/12
Kevin HomerMorgan Stanley13(33) 12/26/12 -> ...
Al BuscemiMotor City13(27) 12/02/12 -> ...
Jake CooleyTech Bench11(18) 01/09/13 -> 02/24/13
Brian HomerTech Bench11(17) 11/11/12 -> 01/02/13
Jim SommervilleThe Well10(27) 09/12/12 -> 10/17/12
Most PTS in a Game
Player Team PTS Game
Brad HargestTepato Systems8(10/24/12) at Motor City
Brad HargestTepato Systems8(01/02/13) at Tech Bench
Eric WalstromNorthPoint Heart8(02/24/13) vs Tech Bench
John CarenderThe Well7(02/17/13) vs Tepato Systems
Kevin HomerMorgan Stanley7(02/27/13) vs NorthPoint Heart
Most Goals in a Game
Player Team Goals Game
Brad HargestTepato Systems6(10/24/12) at Motor City
Brad HargestTepato Systems5(02/13/13) vs NorthPoint Heart
John CarenderThe Well5(01/16/13) at Morgan Stanley
John CarenderThe Well5(11/07/12) at Tepato Systems
Kevin HomerMorgan Stanley5(02/27/13) vs NorthPoint Heart
Eric WalstromNorthPoint Heart5(02/24/13) vs Tech Bench
Most Assists in a Game
Player Team Assists Game
Brad HargestTepato Systems6(01/02/13) at Tech Bench
Chris StenbackNorthPoint Heart5(02/24/13) vs Tech Bench
James CraneMotor City5(10/24/12) vs Tepato Systems
Jim SommervilleThe Well5(09/23/12) vs Motor City
Jason RogersNorthPoint Heart5(12/19/12) vs The Well
Most PIM in a Game
Player Team PIM Game
Paul KellerMorgan Stanley17(11/25/12) at Motor City
Paul PozzoMotor City15(11/25/12) vs Morgan Stanley
Greg McGowanTepato Systems15(12/09/12) vs Tech Bench
Brian HomerTech Bench14(09/26/12) at The Well
Rob DecraeneThe Well14(09/26/12) vs Tech Bench
Jason Biederman Tech Bench12(12/09/12) at Tepato Systems
Steve TimmisNorthPoint Heart12(12/12/12) vs Tepato Systems
Brad HargestTepato Systems12(01/13/13) vs Morgan Stanley
Eric WalstromNorthPoint Heart12(02/06/13) at Tech Bench
Jim LisoskiThe Well10(10/07/12) vs Morgan Stanley
Division Goalie Records
Most Saves in a Game
Goalie Team SAVES Game
Dan DavidMorgan Stanley32(02/17/13) vs Tech Bench
Dave BilitiThe Well31(11/14/12) vs Morgan Stanley
Dan DavidMorgan Stanley29(02/20/13) at Tepato Systems
Dave BilitiThe Well29(01/20/13) vs Motor City
Walt CannonMotor City28(01/20/13) at The Well
Dave BilitiThe Well28(12/09/12) vs Motor City
Substitute GoalieMorgan Stanley27(10/24/12) vs The Well
Dave BilitiThe Well27(01/27/13) at Tepato Systems
Dan DavidMorgan Stanley26(12/16/12) at Tech Bench
Carl QuinnTepato Systems26(01/13/13) vs Morgan Stanley
Goalie Win Streaks
Goalie Team Games Dates
Dave BilitiThe Well610/28/12 -> 11/18/12
Paolo VallottiTech Bench509/05/12 -> 10/03/12
Carl QuinnTepato Systems401/02/13 -> 01/13/13
Dan DavidMorgan Stanley411/18/12 -> 12/02/12
Paul BlattTech Bench401/13/13 -> 01/27/13
Paul BlattTech Bench409/23/12 -> 10/10/12
Guy SilvasiNorthPoint Heart301/13/13 -> 01/20/13
Walt CannonMotor City302/17/13 -> 02/24/13
Dan DavidMorgan Stanley302/20/13 -> ...
Paul BlattTech Bench311/11/12 -> 11/25/12