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Sharks Ball Hockey League
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SBHL (Spring 2011)


Spring 2011

Team Records
Longest Win Streak
Team Games Dates
MaxPower304/27/11 -> 05/04/11
Gypsy Angels206/15/11 -> 06/15/11
Gypsy Angels205/18/11 -> 05/25/11
Gypsy Angels204/27/11 -> 04/27/11
MaxPower205/11/11 -> 05/18/11
Hai Fives206/22/11 -> ...
Hai Fives205/18/11 -> 05/25/11
Hai Fives205/11/11 -> 05/11/11
Hai Fives204/20/11 -> 04/20/11
Longest Non-Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Gypsy Angels706/01/11 -> 06/22/11
Jamaican Me Crazy305/25/11 -> 06/01/11
Hai Fives305/04/11 -> 05/11/11
Hai Fives306/08/11 -> 06/15/11
MaxPower304/27/11 -> 05/04/11
Gypsy Angels305/18/11 -> 05/25/11
Longest Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Jamaican Me Crazy504/20/11 -> 05/04/11
Jamaican Me Crazy205/18/11 -> 05/25/11
Gypsy Angels205/11/11 -> 05/11/11
MaxPower206/08/11 -> 06/08/11
Largest Winning Margin
Team Margin Game
Gypsy Angels7(06/08/11) Gypsy Angels 10 at Jamaican Me Crazy 3
Hai Fives6(06/01/11) MaxPower 2 at Hai Fives 8
MaxPower5(05/25/11) Gypsy Angels 1 at MaxPower 6
Gypsy Angels4(04/27/11) Hai Fives 1 at Gypsy Angels 5
Hai Fives4(06/22/11) Hai Fives 6 at Jamaican Me Crazy 2
Hai Fives4(05/11/11) Hai Fives 5 at MaxPower 1
Hai Fives4(04/20/11) Jamaican Me Crazy 4 at Hai Fives 8
Most Goals For
Team GF Game
Gypsy Angels10(06/08/11) Gypsy Angels 10 at Jamaican Me Crazy 3
Hai Fives8(04/20/11) Jamaican Me Crazy 4 at Hai Fives 8
Hai Fives8(06/01/11) MaxPower 2 at Hai Fives 8
Hai Fives8(04/20/11) MaxPower 5 at Hai Fives 8
Gypsy Angels6(05/25/11) Gypsy Angels 6 at Hai Fives 5
Hai Fives6(06/22/11) Hai Fives 6 at Jamaican Me Crazy 2
Hai Fives6(05/18/11) MaxPower 3 at Hai Fives 6
MaxPower6(05/25/11) Gypsy Angels 1 at MaxPower 6
Most PIM
Team PIM Game
Jamaican Me Crazy6(05/18/11) Gypsy Angels 3 at Jamaican Me Crazy 3
Hai Fives6(05/04/11) Hai Fives 3 at Jamaican Me Crazy 3
Gypsy Angels6(06/15/11) Gypsy Angels 3 at Hai Fives 2
Gypsy Angels6(06/01/11) Jamaican Me Crazy 4 at Gypsy Angels 4
Gypsy Angels6(05/04/11) Gypsy Angels 4 at Jamaican Me Crazy 2
Division Player Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Team Games PTS) Dates
Chris ConrodGypsy Angels18(31) 04/27/11 -> ...
Hai LyHai Fives17(32) 04/20/11 -> 06/15/11
Rambo BunHai Fives16(48) 04/20/11 -> ...
Ben StoreyJamaican Me Crazy9(14) 04/20/11 -> 06/01/11
Chun SetoJamaican Me Crazy8(15) 04/20/11 -> 05/11/11
Albert VuongMaxPower8(14) 04/20/11 -> 05/11/11
Mike LaiHai Fives8(12) 05/04/11 -> 06/01/11
Garry SandermanGypsy Angels7(18) 06/01/11 -> ...
Jay MiedemaMaxPower7(12) 05/11/11 -> 06/01/11
Paul GloecklerMaxPower7(12) 04/20/11 -> 05/18/11
Joe StrafaceGypsy Angels6(13) 05/11/11 -> 06/08/11
Wayne ArsenaultMaxPower6(11) 05/11/11 -> 06/15/11
Wayne ArsenaultMaxPower6(10) 04/20/11 -> 05/04/11
Carlo LucenteGypsy Angels6(10) 05/18/11 -> 06/01/11
Garry SandermanGypsy Angels6(8) 04/27/11 -> 05/18/11
Most PTS in a Game
Player Team PTS Game
Joe StrafaceGypsy Angels6(06/08/11) at Jamaican Me Crazy
Rambo BunHai Fives6(04/20/11) vs Jamaican Me Crazy
Rambo BunHai Fives5(06/01/11) vs MaxPower
Hai LyHai Fives5(06/22/11) at Jamaican Me Crazy
Chris ConrodGypsy Angels5(06/08/11) at Jamaican Me Crazy
Rambo BunHai Fives5(06/08/11) vs Gypsy Angels
Most Goals in a Game
Player Team Goals Game
Chun SetoJamaican Me Crazy3(04/27/11) vs MaxPower
Rambo BunHai Fives3(06/01/11) vs MaxPower
Hai LyHai Fives3(06/08/11) vs MaxPower
Rambo BunHai Fives3(06/08/11) vs Gypsy Angels
Hai LyHai Fives3(04/20/11) vs MaxPower
Hai LyHai Fives3(05/11/11) at Gypsy Angels
Albert VuongMaxPower3(06/22/11) at Gypsy Angels
Ben McNallyGypsy Angels3(06/22/11) vs MaxPower
Joe StrafaceGypsy Angels3(06/08/11) at Jamaican Me Crazy
Ben StoreyJamaican Me Crazy3(05/25/11) at Hai Fives
Most Assists in a Game
Player Team Assists Game
Rambo BunHai Fives4(05/25/11) vs Jamaican Me Crazy
Ben McNallyGypsy Angels4(06/08/11) at Jamaican Me Crazy
Garry SandermanGypsy Angels4(06/22/11) vs MaxPower
Rambo BunHai Fives4(04/20/11) vs Jamaican Me Crazy
Most PIM in a Game
Player Team PIM Game
Mike CantwellJamaican Me Crazy4(05/11/11) at Gypsy Angels
Jay MiedemaMaxPower4(06/15/11) vs Gypsy Angels
Doug TamberGypsy Angels4(06/15/11) at Hai Fives
Dave CormierGypsy Angels4(06/01/11) vs Jamaican Me Crazy
Chris ConrodGypsy Angels4(05/04/11) at Jamaican Me Crazy
Chris StoreyJamaican Me Crazy4(06/01/11) at Gypsy Angels
John StewartJamaican Me Crazy4(05/25/11) at MaxPower
John SmithersJamaican Me Crazy4(05/18/11) vs Gypsy Angels
Division Goalie Records
Most Saves in a Game
Goalie Team SAVES Game
Chi YanGypsy Angels28(04/27/11) vs Hai Fives
Dave ScottMaxPower28(05/04/11) vs Hai Fives
Dave ScottMaxPower27(05/18/11) at Hai Fives
Dave ScottMaxPower27(06/08/11) at Hai Fives
Jeremy DieserJamaican Me Crazy25(05/04/11) vs Hai Fives
Dave ScottMaxPower24(05/11/11) vs Jamaican Me Crazy
Jeremy DieserJamaican Me Crazy23(06/22/11) vs Hai Fives
Dave ScottMaxPower23(04/27/11) at Jamaican Me Crazy
Goalie Win Streaks
Goalie Team Games Dates
Dan EttingerHai Fives304/27/11 -> 05/11/11
Dave ScottMaxPower304/27/11 -> 05/04/11
Chi YanGypsy Angels204/27/11 -> 04/27/11
Chi YanGypsy Angels205/18/11 -> 05/25/11
Dan EttingerHai Fives204/20/11 -> 04/20/11
Dan EttingerHai Fives205/18/11 -> 06/01/11
Christopher HildebrandHai Fives206/22/11 -> ...
Dave ScottMaxPower205/11/11 -> 05/18/11