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Polar Adult Hockey League North
(919) 453-1500
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PAHL North (Fall 2009)


B Division

Team Records
Longest Win Streak
Team Games Dates
Vetted Beavers609/15/09 -> 10/20/09
Vetted Beavers411/24/09 -> ...
Rocket Surgeons411/03/09 -> 11/24/09
Under the Bus310/27/09 -> 11/10/09
Da Bears North210/13/09 -> 10/20/09
Da Bears North209/08/09 -> 09/15/09
Back Nine Pub211/10/09 -> 11/17/09
Back Nine Pub209/08/09 -> 09/15/09
Under the Bus212/08/09 -> ...
Rocket Surgeons209/22/09 -> 09/29/09
Longest Non-Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Vetted Beavers809/15/09 -> 11/03/09
Da Bears North410/13/09 -> 11/03/09
Rocket Surgeons411/03/09 -> 11/24/09
Vetted Beavers411/24/09 -> ...
Under the Bus410/20/09 -> 11/10/09
Back Nine Pub411/10/09 -> 12/01/09
Da Bears North209/08/09 -> 09/15/09
Back Nine Pub209/08/09 -> 09/15/09
Under the Bus212/08/09 -> ...
Rocket Surgeons209/22/09 -> 09/29/09
Longest Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Odwyers Green709/08/09 -> 10/20/09
Under the Bus311/17/09 -> 12/01/09
Odwyers Green311/03/09 -> 11/17/09
Back Nine Pub210/27/09 -> 11/03/09
Back Nine Pub209/22/09 -> 09/29/09
Under the Bus209/08/09 -> 09/15/09
Vetted Beavers211/10/09 -> 11/17/09
Rocket Surgeons210/20/09 -> 10/27/09
Odwyers Green212/01/09 -> 12/08/09
Largest Winning Margin
Team Margin Game
Back Nine Pub11(09/15/09) Odwyers Green 4 at Back Nine Pub 15
Rocket Surgeons10(11/17/09) Under the Bus 2 at Rocket Surgeons 12
Da Bears North9(10/13/09) Da Bears North 13 at Odwyers Green 4
Back Nine Pub8(12/01/09) Under the Bus 1 at Back Nine Pub 9
Under the Bus8(10/06/09) Odwyers Green 4 at Under the Bus 12
Da Bears North7(09/15/09) Rocket Surgeons 2 at Da Bears North 9
Back Nine Pub6(10/20/09) Back Nine Pub 8 at Odwyers Green 2
Rocket Surgeons6(09/08/09) Under the Bus 2 at Rocket Surgeons 8
Vetted Beavers6(11/24/09) Vetted Beavers 10 at Under the Bus 4
Most Goals For
Team GF Game
Back Nine Pub15(09/15/09) Odwyers Green 4 at Back Nine Pub 15
Da Bears North13(10/13/09) Da Bears North 13 at Odwyers Green 4
Under the Bus12(10/06/09) Odwyers Green 4 at Under the Bus 12
Rocket Surgeons12(11/17/09) Under the Bus 2 at Rocket Surgeons 12
Da Bears North11(09/08/09) Odwyers Green 7 at Da Bears North 11
Under the Bus11(12/15/09) Under the Bus 11 at Da Bears North 10
Most PIM
Team PIM Game
Rocket Surgeons51(11/10/09) Rocket Surgeons 6 at Vetted Beavers 4
Vetted Beavers28(10/27/09) Vetted Beavers 1 at Da Bears North 1
Da Bears North23(11/24/09) Da Bears North 6 at Rocket Surgeons 10
Rocket Surgeons22(09/22/09) Odwyers Green 5 at Rocket Surgeons 6
Rocket Surgeons21(11/24/09) Da Bears North 6 at Rocket Surgeons 10
Vetted Beavers19(11/10/09) Rocket Surgeons 6 at Vetted Beavers 4
Vetted Beavers19(12/01/09) Rocket Surgeons 2 at Vetted Beavers 4
Rocket Surgeons18(12/08/09) Da Bears North 4 at Rocket Surgeons 5
Rocket Surgeons17(12/01/09) Rocket Surgeons 2 at Vetted Beavers 4
Division Player Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Team Games PTS) Dates
Roland BlaiseRocket Surgeons14(49) 09/08/09 -> ...
Jeff DrierBack Nine Pub14(40) 09/08/09 -> ...
Alex OktyabrstyRocket Surgeons13(26) 09/22/09 -> ...
James BlackBack Nine Pub12(27) 09/15/09 -> ...
Gino GiangrecoRocket Surgeons11(38) 10/06/09 -> ...
Mike GorczynskiUnder the Bus11(18) 10/06/09 -> ...
Michael HosmerUnder the Bus10(24) 09/15/09 -> 11/24/09
Jeremey AndersonOdwyers Green10(23) 10/06/09 -> ...
Adam AllegriniDa Bears North10(19) 09/29/09 -> ...
John ProbascoDa Bears North9(31) 09/08/09 -> 11/03/09
Jeff CaulwayVetted Beavers7(16) 10/20/09 -> ...
Bill TrofiBack Nine Pub7(12) 09/29/09 -> 12/01/09
Michael BaxterOdwyers Green7(10) 09/08/09 -> 10/27/09
Andy PalahnukRocket Surgeons7(10) 10/27/09 -> ...
Lee KimballVetted Beavers7(9) 09/08/09 -> 10/27/09
Most PTS in a Game
Player Team PTS Game
Mike MobergBack Nine Pub8(09/15/09) vs Odwyers Green
Gino GiangrecoRocket Surgeons7(11/17/09) vs Under the Bus
Gino GiangrecoRocket Surgeons7(10/13/09) at Under the Bus
Lee KimballVetted Beavers7(12/15/09) vs Rocket Surgeons
John ProbascoDa Bears North7(10/13/09) at Odwyers Green
Jeff DrierBack Nine Pub7(11/17/09) vs Vetted Beavers
Michael BaxterDa Bears North7(12/15/09) vs Under the Bus
Most Goals in a Game
Player Team Goals Game
John ProbascoDa Bears North6(11/03/09) vs Under the Bus
Michael HousmanDa Bears North5(09/29/09) vs Under the Bus
James GilesUnder the Bus5(11/10/09) at Odwyers Green
Alex OktyabrstyRocket Surgeons4(11/17/09) vs Under the Bus
Jeff DrierBack Nine Pub4(11/17/09) vs Vetted Beavers
Bjorn EngstromRocket Surgeons4(11/10/09) at Vetted Beavers
Roland BlaiseRocket Surgeons4(09/29/09) vs Back Nine Pub
Miguel BarereaUnder the Bus4(09/29/09) at Da Bears North
Mitch HelmsBack Nine Pub4(12/01/09) vs Under the Bus
Stephen PayneBack Nine Pub4(11/24/09) at Odwyers Green
Most Assists in a Game
Player Team Assists Game
Lee KimballVetted Beavers6(12/15/09) vs Rocket Surgeons
Mike MobergBack Nine Pub5(09/15/09) vs Odwyers Green
Mike GorczynskiUnder the Bus5(10/06/09) vs Odwyers Green
Dave StLouisRocket Surgeons5(09/22/09) vs Odwyers Green
Most PIM in a Game
Player Team PIM Game
Don KindrachukVetted Beavers19(12/01/09) vs Rocket Surgeons
dave shermanRocket Surgeons19(11/24/09) vs Da Bears North
Lee KimballVetted Beavers18(10/27/09) at Da Bears North
Rick PorterRocket Surgeons16(09/22/09) vs Odwyers Green
John ProbascoDa Bears North15(11/24/09) at Rocket Surgeons
Bjorn EngstromRocket Surgeons15(12/01/09) at Vetted Beavers
Lee KimballVetted Beavers15(11/10/09) vs Rocket Surgeons
Rick PorterRocket Surgeons15(11/10/09) at Vetted Beavers
Division Goalie Records
Most Saves in a Game
Goalie Team SAVES Game
Brian ShawBack Nine Pub33(11/17/09) vs Vetted Beavers
Amanda StevensonOdwyers Green33(10/13/09) vs Da Bears North
Jay BoriottiUnder the Bus31(09/29/09) at Da Bears North
Ed HughesOdwyers Green31(11/24/09) vs Back Nine Pub
Ed HughesOdwyers Green31(11/03/09) at Vetted Beavers
Bob KryzwickiRocket Surgeons31(09/22/09) vs Odwyers Green
Ed HughesOdwyers Green29(09/22/09) at Rocket Surgeons
Goalie Win Streaks
Goalie Team Games Dates
Back up GoalieVetted Beavers411/03/09 -> ...
Bob KryzwickiRocket Surgeons411/03/09 -> 11/24/09
Back up GoalieVetted Beavers409/22/09 -> 10/20/09
Steve SuterDa Bears North309/29/09 -> 10/20/09
Jay BoriottiUnder the Bus310/27/09 -> 11/10/09
Brian ShawBack Nine Pub309/08/09 -> 10/06/09
Steve SuterDa Bears North209/08/09 -> 09/15/09
Back up GoalieUnder the Bus210/06/09 -> ...
Derek MazepaVetted Beavers209/15/09 -> 09/29/09
Brian ShawBack Nine Pub211/10/09 -> 11/17/09