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Saskatoon Ball Hockey League
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SBHL (SBHL Spring 2019)

Co-Ed A/B

Team Records
Longest Win Streak
Team Games Dates
Puck Buddies604/28/19 -> 05/26/19
MUS Knuckles604/14/19 -> 05/12/19
BenchWarmers405/12/19 -> ...
The Douggie Fisters204/14/19 -> 04/21/19
Longest Non-Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Puck Buddies704/28/19 -> ...
BenchWarmers605/05/19 -> ...
MUS Knuckles604/14/19 -> 05/12/19
The Douggie Fisters205/26/19 -> ...
The Douggie Fisters204/14/19 -> 04/21/19
Longest Losing Streak
Team Games Dates
Book Hockey404/14/19 -> 05/05/19
The Douggie Fisters305/10/19 -> 05/24/19
MUS Knuckles305/24/19 -> ...
Puck Dynasty204/14/19 -> 04/21/19
Book Hockey205/12/19 -> 05/24/19
Largest Winning Margin
Team Margin Game
Puck Buddies11(04/14/19) Book Hockey 1 at Puck Buddies 12
BenchWarmers10(05/24/19) Book Hockey 3 at BenchWarmers 13
Puck Buddies6(05/12/19) Puck Buddies 7 at Book Hockey 1
The Douggie Fisters6(06/02/19) Book Hockey 4 at The Douggie Fisters 10
Puck Buddies6(05/24/19) Puck Buddies 9 at MUS Knuckles 3
BenchWarmers5(04/21/19) BenchWarmers 7 at Book Hockey 2
Puck Buddies5(04/28/19) Puck Buddies 6 at The Douggie Fisters 1
Puck Buddies4(05/05/19) Puck Buddies 6 at Puck Dynasty 2
Most Goals For
Team GF Game
BenchWarmers13(05/24/19) Book Hockey 3 at BenchWarmers 13
Puck Buddies12(04/14/19) Book Hockey 1 at Puck Buddies 12
The Douggie Fisters10(06/02/19) Book Hockey 4 at The Douggie Fisters 10
Book Hockey9(05/26/19) Book Hockey 9 at MUS Knuckles 7
Puck Buddies9(05/24/19) Puck Buddies 9 at MUS Knuckles 3
BenchWarmers8(05/12/19) The Douggie Fisters 6 at BenchWarmers 8
MUS Knuckles8(04/28/19) MUS Knuckles 8 at Book Hockey 6
Most PIM
Team PIM Game
MUS Knuckles10(05/10/19) The Douggie Fisters 0 at MUS Knuckles 2
Book Hockey8(05/10/19) Book Hockey 5 at Puck Dynasty 6
Puck Buddies8(04/21/19) MUS Knuckles 3 at Puck Buddies 0
BenchWarmers6(05/26/19) BenchWarmers 6 at Puck Dynasty 4
MUS Knuckles6(04/28/19) MUS Knuckles 8 at Book Hockey 6
The Douggie Fisters6(04/21/19) Puck Dynasty 3 at The Douggie Fisters 6
Puck Buddies6(05/10/19) Puck Buddies 4 at BenchWarmers 3
Book Hockey6(04/28/19) MUS Knuckles 8 at Book Hockey 6
Book Hockey6(05/05/19) The Douggie Fisters 5 at Book Hockey 2
Book Hockey6(06/02/19) Book Hockey 4 at The Douggie Fisters 10
Division Player Records
Longest Point Streak
Player Team Games PTS) Dates
Kianna DietzMUS Knuckles8(15) 04/14/19 -> ...
Morgan HladiukPuck Buddies7(20) 04/28/19 -> ...
Kurt JohnsonMUS Knuckles7(14) 04/14/19 -> 05/26/19
David LeonhardtPuck Dynasty6(14) 04/14/19 -> 05/26/19
Travis DavidMUS Knuckles6(8) 04/14/19 -> ...
Dominic BlouinBenchWarmers5(11) 04/14/19 -> 05/24/19
Keith MitchellBenchWarmers5(6) 05/10/19 -> ...
Justin DentremontPuck Buddies4(15) 04/14/19 -> ...
Taylor Vander VeenBenchWarmers4(11) 05/12/19 -> ...
Lindsay KarstBenchWarmers4(10) 04/28/19 -> 05/24/19
Braedon RennyThe Douggie Fisters4(10) 04/14/19 -> 05/05/19
Michael KozakPuck Buddies4(7) 05/05/19 -> ...
Kellen KlemppBenchWarmers4(7) 05/12/19 -> ...
Jordan FosterPuck Dynasty4(6) 05/10/19 -> 05/26/19
Peter BreukelmanThe Douggie Fisters4(4) 04/21/19 -> ...
Most PTS in a Game
Player Team PTS Game
Alanna KarstBenchWarmers5(05/24/19) vs Book Hockey
Tyler BoueyMUS Knuckles5(05/26/19) vs Book Hockey
Ashley PearsonPuck Dynasty5(06/02/19) at Puck Buddies
Michael GammonThe Douggie Fisters5(05/12/19) at BenchWarmers
Justin DentremontPuck Buddies5(05/24/19) at MUS Knuckles
Courtney ThiessenPuck Buddies5(04/14/19) vs Book Hockey
David HudyBenchWarmers5(05/12/19) vs The Douggie Fisters
Dominic BlouinBenchWarmers5(05/12/19) vs The Douggie Fisters
Most Goals in a Game
Player Team Goals Game
Justin DentremontPuck Buddies5(05/24/19) at MUS Knuckles
Tyler BoueyMUS Knuckles4(05/26/19) vs Book Hockey
Kianna DietzMUS Knuckles4(04/28/19) at Book Hockey
Ashley PearsonPuck Dynasty4(06/02/19) at Puck Buddies
Alanna KarstBenchWarmers4(05/24/19) vs Book Hockey
Darla Schiebelbein The Douggie Fisters4(06/02/19) vs Book Hockey
Nathan EckelBook Hockey4(04/28/19) vs MUS Knuckles
Morgan HladiukPuck Buddies4(05/05/19) at Puck Dynasty
Most Assists in a Game
Player Team Assists Game
Taylor Vander VeenBenchWarmers4(05/24/19) vs Book Hockey
Most PIM in a Game
Player Team PIM Game
Division Goalie Records
Most Saves in a Game
Goalie Team SAVES Game
Brennan KirknessPuck Dynasty37(05/10/19) vs Book Hockey
Alisha PaproskiThe Douggie Fisters36(05/10/19) at MUS Knuckles
David MercierPuck Buddies35(05/10/19) at BenchWarmers
Paul GeorgetMUS Knuckles34(05/10/19) vs The Douggie Fisters
Brennan KirknessPuck Dynasty32(04/21/19) at The Douggie Fisters
Paul GeorgetMUS Knuckles32(05/12/19) at Puck Dynasty
Jonathan AhlstedtBook Hockey31(05/24/19) at BenchWarmers
Jonathan AhlstedtBook Hockey31(04/21/19) vs BenchWarmers
Alisha PaproskiThe Douggie Fisters30(05/12/19) at BenchWarmers
Paul GeorgetMUS Knuckles30(04/21/19) at Puck Buddies
Goalie Win Streaks
Goalie Team Games Dates
Paul GeorgetMUS Knuckles604/14/19 -> 05/12/19
Nolan MckayBenchWarmers405/12/19 -> ...
Alisha PaproskiThe Douggie Fisters304/14/19 -> 05/05/19
David MercierPuck Buddies304/28/19 -> 05/26/19
Geoffrey JenkinsPuck Buddies205/05/19 -> ...