Bolton, CT

After a two week hiatus, the Red Hawks were eager to put the past few weeks behind them and start a new path forward versus two of the weaker teams on the schedule.  Both Central and Eastern Connecticut State Universities had two wins each, coming into the weekend.  Both of CCSU's wins were  blowouts of ECSU themselves.  Things looked to be at least a little easier for the Red Hawks after a stretch of weeks where league powerhouses were the only opponents.

After a mechanical issue with the bus forced a late arrival to Newington Arena for Friday's matchup against the Blue Devils, One could give MSU a pass for any slow start.  However, overall, the Red Hawks played a solid game and got out of there with a 5-2 win to start the weekend off on a good note.

But games aren't won by comparing records on a piece of paper.  They are won by executing a game plan.  Saturday night's game versus ECSU was anything but.  after scoring first and controlling much of the early part of the game, the Red Hawks got away from any semblance of a game plan and instead played sloppy, undisciplined hockey that looked more suited for a men's league than a college game.  The bench in the penalty box barely had time to cool down and the Red Hawks PK, on the contrary, never heated up.  In all, the Warriors only managed a single 5 on 5 goal, but built up a 5-2 3rd period lead before MSU seemingly woke up with 5 minutes remaining and stormed back to within a goal.  However, the hole the Red Hawks dug was too deep to climb out of and Easter Connecticut State celebrated their first home win in four seasons while the Red Hawks boarded the (hopefully mechanically sound) bus for the long ride home.

It is obvious that this team is still very much in search of its identity.  They can go toe to toe with the best teams in the league, and all of Division II for that matter.  But they can also look absolutely lost while playing opponents with far less skill.  MSU will have plenty of time to think about this one.  They will return to the ice after the Thanksgiving break on December 8th, and we'll see if they learned from this weekend when they take on ACHA Division III, Stevens Institute of Technology.  While a division lower than MSU, Stevens is 4-1 in their league and know how to play a disciplined game.  They will not be a pushover, and if the Red Hawks know anything after this hard lesson... If you sit in the box long enough, even a weaker team will make you pay.  Hopefully they received that message loud and clear.